2 Stage Breast Implants. Dr. Pousti is Like a GOD for Cosmetic Surgery! Finally After 5 Doctors Later I Know!! - San Diego, CA

Words do not describe how thankful and blessed I...

Words do not describe how thankful and blessed I was and am to have found Dr. Tom Pousti and his staff!!
I am undergoing the 2 stage breast surgery and just removed my implants 4 weeks ago. I’ve always had large breast but unfortunately my last surgeon completely ruined my chest by his last 2 augmentation/lift jobs on me. I felt like a Guinea pig and looked like cow tits or better yet milk jugs.
Since Dr. Pousti has fixed me, my breasts are healing up so beautiful and I look a million times better. I feel fantastic and I am super excited for the final stage. I will keep posting pics so you can see the results of the healing process. My next stage is the actual implants. My story is very long and I've been through He** with my previous surgeons. Dr. Pousti has saved me in so many ways. If you are looking for the very best “cream of the crop boobs” that money can buy search no more. You are the right hands with Dr. Tom Pousti. I wish I would have found him first. I wish I would have given him the $1000’s I’ve spent on the wrong Doctors. Good luck with your search and feel free to contact me.
I agree with the other ladies!! If you can avoid it, I'd skip out on the "implants" your beautiful now!!
I think you look great just like you are now. I hope I have the results you have, except without more implants. I would say you have indeed found an excellent PS. His work is fantastic!! I wish you had pictures of before you found Dr. Pousti. And only four weeks since the last surgery? I am so happy for you!
you look perfect the way you are now, just know that these will have to be switched out again in ten years at the most. I didn't do that and got ill with a rupture which changed my life....not to scare you just so you know. Best of luck and thanks for sharing.

Before Dr. Pousti

As some of you are wanting to see my before pictures here you go... Now please remember I've had six surgeries by now and every single doctor besides Dr. Pousti promised me different results than what I got!! In fact the last surgery I have which are my before pictures with Dr. Pousti promised me that my boobs when he was done were going to be "Apple tight tits" were his exact words! As you can see they were nothing but milk jugs and Cow tits.. Sad!
Thank you so much for all your comments! I absolutely love my shape and love my breast right now. However I do want that upper Fullness I've always wanted that and Dr Pousti is confident he can do that for me, so I'm waiting patiently for my body to heal and once it is I'll go in for my second stage I can't wait I'll keep posting pictures! Trust me I don't want to go to big like my pictures before I just want between 300 and probably 500 cc and I know that because of the way that Dr Pousti does his surgeries they're not going to be hanging on my body they will actually be attached to my body.

This is me today

You look super! Your doctor did a beautiful job. I had final explant this spring. I am 59, had first set of implants at age 23. No complications ever, but also did want implants any more. My doctor did some fat grating to breast at time of explant. I love it! I am soft and all natural. Final result B cup, and no more implants to maintain !
You look wonderful as you are right now, it is your choice but....you could nip in the bud many more issues by stopping now, and again you look wonderful already!! Good luck and continued support whatever you decide ;)

You look fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing on RealSelf.


5 weeks post implant removal

These are pictures of me leaning over so it makes my boobs look better!! Lol
Wow, you look fantastic!!!
You look stunning in that white tank top! Don't you feel like you look proportionate the way you are now? When I had implants, I felt like I always looked fat in everything, and very top heavy. Did you ever feel that way? Again, your results right now are amazing!
Ok so from natural, to 320cc's, then car wreck ruptured them so I had 320cc's to 300cc, 12 years later I replaced those with 800cc's and 800cc's replaced with 500's then 500cc's and now removed. Many lifts, scaring, implants, and dr's. And honestly Dr. Tom Pousti has fixed so much I can't even describe to you what he has done for me!!!

8weeks post op

This is eight weeks post op implant removal.
Wow, amazing results !! I don´t have more words, you look GREAT !!
Well thank you very much! I am so lucky to have found him that is for sure. I am still adjusting to the new me but undecided for new implants or not.
Wow that man who did your surgery is genius! Amazing!!!

Second stage surgery TODAY!

I could not be HAPPIER... I am super comfortable with very little to no pain. I am about 12 hours out of my second stage which means "I got my new 700cc implants in today from Dr. Tom Pousti.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!
aww they look awesome already!! he truly is awesome!
Beautiful result!
Well today was so easy and I was completely comfortable!

4 days post 2 stage implants

Feeling great! Every day keeps getting better! I'm still in shock and cannot believe that my boobs look as wonderful as they do now compared to where I started!
I wanted to ask you, how many times your nipples have been repositioned. I am scared of loosing the blood supply of the nipple and then they can die. I had three surgeries. and still unhappy. no happy outcome :(
Dear Friend I am so happy for you. I went almost to the same situation, now I am looking for some one to fix my breast. Honestly I am so scare. but your breast look amazing. thank you for sharing
wow you look amazing! how are your scars healing, will you be posting any new pictures, i just got a call from his office i will have to travel very far but i think at least i can have a peace of mind that he does a good job
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Take my advise after 5 doctors later Dr. Tom Pousti is by far the best Plastic surgeon in the world!!! I have had many of terrible surgeries and Dr. Pousti is the only one that understood my wants and gave me just that. He has completey fixed my scars the best that could be repaired and I can not wait till my second stage which will be the implants. You are in the right hands I Promise!!!!!!!!!! Do not go anywhere else!!!!

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