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I had my initial breast augmentation by a Board...

I had my initial breast augmentation by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in the Pittsburgh area on May 16, 2012. Six weeks later my right breast implant bottomed out and required corrective surgery. My left breast always sat high on my chest wall and I had tremendous black and blue bruising in my abdominal and hip region after the initial surgery. Eventually I was diagnosed with a capsular contraction in the left breast. Although the left was contracted, I had a lot of pain in my right breast, especially laterally for months. 

My initial surgeon said it was scar tissue and that I should take 600-800mg of Ibuprofen 3-4 times/day for 1-2 weeks, but it was fine. He was upset that I refused to let him perform a closed capsulotomy on the left contracted breast and said that I should have an open capsulectomy and "move on with my life." At that point I got a second opinion. That surgeon was most concerned with the pain in my right breast and ordered an MRI. The MRI revealed a ruptured Allegan Silicone Implant and would have to be replaced. He also suggested that I may want to consider removing them for 6-12 months to heal and start over. He could not really explain the pain and sometimes you just have to admit defeat and start over. 
In summary, it wasn't even a year and I was looking at a third surgery or removing them entirely. He suggested I get another opinion from a teaching hospital where "many smart surgeons are in one place and can review your complicated case." He recommended UPMC. I met with one doctor that I truly liked, but he said that the surgeon to best correct my complications was Dr. Shestak. He was right. Dr. Shestak said he could help me. He could not guarantee no pain or that a contracture wouldn't happen again, but trust me, he did everything in his power to give me the results I always wanted. 
He performed a 5 hour surgery on me himself (beware, some surgeons let their PA's or nurses put one in as a time saver!) In the right breast he removed two stitches in the lateral spot that caused me the most pain and folded and placed a piece of strattice there in addition to another piece laterally to support the implant and avoid another bottoming out. The implant was replaced. In the badly contracted left breast he removed 100% of the capsule. This is not only necessary to create a virgin space, but it is complicated and delicate. He placed three pieces of strattice in that breast. If you have a capsular contraction you want to find a surgeon who is capable of working with strattice as it is your best bet to avoid another contraction. 
I had a drain in each breast for 10 days. Yes, it's early, but my experience has been 500% different in every regard in comparison to my first surgeon who performed 2 surgeries on me. In each of those surgeries he wrapped me for 7-10 days in an ACE bandage, followed by a velcrow strap. I was in so much pain and was bloated for weeks. Other than the 2 hour ride home, I was not wrapped at all. My only discomfort was near the drain sites and my throat was sore and produced a cough from my airway being opened for 5 hours during surgery. My breasts look incredible for the first time and I am confident and optimistic that they are healthy INSIDE and out. They look entirely different, they feel different, and my recovery was truly a breeze in comparison to my last two. Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are capable of making poor decisions. Poor decisions lead to poor outcomes. Dr. Shestak repairs other surgeon's mistakes with a masterful approach to details and art. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon to perform an initial breast augmentation or if you are unlucky enough to have experienced complications, you MUST let Dr. Shestak care for you. I talked to my original surgeon maybe twice on the phone in one year, even with all the complications I had. I talked to Dr. Shestak every day for 5 days following my surgery. Would I do it again? With Dr. Shestak, yes! He gave me another chance to have the breasts I've always wanted and they look spectacular. I settled out of court with my last surgeon so I can not reveal his name, but if I can guide another woman to Dr. Shestak I feel that I will have accomplished something. Choosing the right surgeon to make your dreams come true is crucial. I can not recommend Dr. Shestak enough.
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Barb, can I ask who your original surgeon was? I am going through a similar situation right now.
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Thank you for your response. You are so right about the importance of selecting the right surgeon. I can't believe the surgeon tried to reuse the implant. I've never heard of that. Wow, you really went through a lot, including the men emotional challenge of settling out of court. Sorry you had troubles posting photos. Here is a link on how to post photos...we'd still love to see them!

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience on RealSelf. Your story will help many other women realize that you can't just ignore chronic discomfort and to get a second opinion! I'm sorry you had to go through so much to finally get good results. It must have been awful to have bruising down your side and abdomen after your first surgery. Was there any explanation as to why one of your implants ruptured? How many cc's did you get initially? And how many cc's do you have today? Congratulations on your new breasts!

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Beth: I thought I posted a reply to your questions, but they did not appear so I will try again. Thank you for your support. In regards to the bruising, my first surgeon brushed it off, but further opinions stated that the bleeding probably caused my contracture. The implant probably got nicked when the first surgeon resterilized it and reused it. At the time I was not aware that the Allergan (the manufacturer) states NEVER to reuse an implant because it can compromise it and lead to a rupture! I selected 371cc's each time. I was willing to go smaller if necessary, but every surgeon stated that they were good for my frame and a smaller size would not impact anything. I am 5'71/2" and weigh about 130lbs. I also attempted to post pictures, but not sure if I was successful? I will post more once I get my before and after pictures from my wonderful surgeon, Dr. Shestak!
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            i feel your pain because i had several revision surgeries done as well! im glad that your finally happy with your breast; did ypu decide to stay with silicone or did you switch over to saline? also your implant that rupture was it the memory gel silicone implant? just curious! 
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Dear Violet1234: I hope you have good results with your revision surgeries. I believe that my first surgeon nicked the implant when he corrected the bottoming out. He did not give me any options in regards to replacing the implant, just informed me that he would clean it and put it back in. It wasn't until my research regarding ruptured implants that I discovered that Allergan states, "Never reuse or resterilize an implant." By reusing an implant you increase the risk of a rupture. My original surgeon made a few bad decisions on my behalf. I am 5'71/2" and weigh 130lb. I have (I think) an athletic build. I selected 371cc for my original BA and for the corrective surgery. All surgeons felt that they were a good fit for my frame and that going smaller would not change the outcome.
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