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My boobs are very far apart and have a huge gap...

my boobs are very far apart and have a huge gap between them. When ever my pectoral muscle tenses they deform. There is skin laxity and they just look terrible. I have tried to take some pics myself. The quality of the pics is not great and my mirror is filthy I am sorry. My current implants are round smooth mentor under the muscle saline. They are a little over 10 years old.

I had an initial consultation a few months ago and am scheduled to meet the doctor on Monday to talk about my options. I'm hoping to maybe go over the muscle this time. They want me to tell them how many cc's I want but I have no idea. I don't want clown boobs, but I want them to fill up the loose skin.

Update 1/24/12 Met with the doctor yesterday and...

update 1/24/12
Met with the doctor yesterday and it seemed really positive. Still a tiny bit nervous that they are going to yet again be an expensive mistakes. But I feel good about it. Surgery is set for 2/22/12. Deposit is placed. Going to add some volume and go over the muscle.

We are thinking 200-300 cc's more

we are thinking 200-300 cc's more

2/20/12 My surgery is in 2 days. When I met with...

My surgery is in 2 days. When I met with the surgeon we decided to add ~300cc. I didn't know what my current implants were. I asked at my call in, and they were 425, 430! I had no idea they were that large. One of my major problems is the hanging sock. I searched on here 700cc just to get an idea of what an implant would like and found a lot of doctors saying an implant that large could quickly cause *more* sagging and complications. I called and said I was nervous to go that big, but I also don't want an anchor scar. I realize I'm asking for the moon. But I just don't know what to do. If I let him put the big implant in will I just have all this awful hanging again quickly? I really can't afford this again.

So 2 days pot surgery. I just got changed from my...

so 2 days pot surgery. I just got changed from my body armor of surgical tape into a kinda loose fitting bra. We did go smaller with the implants and I really felt like the DR listened to my last minute freak out. I was driving the next day as a tragedy for my kid is missing a sports class.
We went with 659 over the muscle silicone by natrelle. Next Dr's appointment is March 1st (my birthday. Gonna snap a pic in a minute, even though you can't see anything.

I'm 12 days out. The worst part has been those...

I'm 12 days out. The worst part has been those drains. I hated them so much. They were painful and suck. I'm overall happy. We went with 659cc. I think they are a little big , and they have ripples. I do like them though.
*it won't seem to let me add new pics

About a month out now. My nipples have been so...

About a month out now. My nipples have been so tender that fabric running across them has been painful. Hope that calms down! Still waiting for the bandages to fall off so can see the scat sitch. Left breast is lower, I called the doctor as between that and the weird noises it made at the beginning I was worried Either the pocket was too big or I was having encapsulation in the right one. Also some of the pain was getting worse not better.
They just never called me back, at all.

Looked under the bandages. The scars look really...

looked under the bandages. The scars look really awesome. I am very pleased. where one of the tubes came out there is a red streak extending about 1.5 inches down my body. That's kinda not cool. Overall I'm happy.

They called me back (a week later about my...

They called me back (a week later about my concerns) and made an appointment for the next Wednesday. Ended up a conflict with one of my kids games so I need to set a diffrent appointment, but it made me happy that they called. The scars under the breast from the tubes really suck, but I think the nipple scars are great. I think they aren't even, but it's not awful. Some rippling. Updating 5 week boobs.

Went in for my 3 month check up. Doctor (and...

Went in for my 3 month check up. Doctor (and staff) were awesome. I am going back to get a fat transfer to cover the rippling. Not the doctors fault, I just didn't have enough skin/fat to cover the implant. He is doing it as part of the package. Very nice.
I think all my worries I had scars/hardness were just part of the healing process.

I wasn't charged for him to try to repair the boob...

I wasn't charged for him to try to repair the boob job he did, but it came out awful.
Dr. Brandy The Skin Center

Came out crappy. See a few people to decide

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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The fix to cover all the rippling is August 23rd
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My first doctor was Dr Hartog in Fl, This Doctor was Dr Brandy in Pittsburgh. They are still only 7 weeks old. Not sure what the final product will be yet!
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This time for whatever reason has hurt so much more. I was trying to not take any pain killers and I had ti be able to drive my kid around the next day, so that's all my fault. And the rest of the pain was seriously the tubes. Now I'm just uncomfortable because I need just the right bra to hold them up without biting me somewhere.
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who was your doctor?
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My first doctor was Dr Hartog in Fl, This Doctor was Dr Brandy in Pittsburgh. They are still only 7 weeks old. Not sure what the final product will be yet!
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Hey your cleavage looks great! What a dramatic change! It can be easy to want them abolutely perfect and symmetrical (I speak from experience. I am a perfectionist and it can be quite maddening at times lol) but it helps to look at your befores next to your after pics to see the improvement. I once had silicone (hp), the same size you got over my muscle for a few weeks and only had a few ripples but they were really long and thin. The prob w silicone over is that you can't over fill them like saline to reduce the ripples so if you have zero breast tissue like me, it's not a good outcome. I was switched to saline 3 weeks later. How come you need the drain? I think your size looks great too, don't forget how much smaller they get after your pocket heals and adheres to the implant. After my first augmentation, I still noticed shrinkage a year later!
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They are totally shrinking! I bought a few bras when they said OK, they are huge now!
I guess the drainage tubes were to keep swelling down or something. I didn't have them with my first implants. They were the worst part of everything. I have 2 more scars under my boobs from them and they hurt constantly. anyone who say the tubes hanging out the bottom of my clothes was disgusted. I cought my knees in them. and they would often try to poke through random parts of my tit :(
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geez that sounds rough (and gross for you). I never had to have those and I went bigger than that (700 hp filled to 850). Seems like they would cause more complications. I know I have some 34ddd bras from Fredericks that I excitedly went and bought after a month and they are useless now, just collecting dust! Bummer (and waste of 4) that the size goes down so much. Yesterday I went bra shopping and was measured, she says I was a 30ddd. How are yours doing now? Hope your additional scars aren't too big (they hurt?), don't forget how long it takes for those to fade though they eventually will.
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Oops meant "waste of $" (sorry my head is a little cloudy from lack of sleep!). Btw, I meant to ask you how tall you were, your pics look like you have a petite build.
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I'm 5'4" 112-114pounds I thought I would be heavier after the implants, but I'm not. They feel kinda heavy. I'm curious what they weigh!
I'm thinking a 30ddd(d) right now. But I suspect I have spent way to much in my excitement! Id there a bra swap section on here? there should be, I have all my 34d, from before the revision and when I was heavier, also some 32dd. HaHa I bet we all have a lot
re scars, I have two more weeks until these bandages "fall off" then I'm going to put on the silicone ones.
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I actually looked it up, the nerdy math specific answer I found is :
1cc silicone=.0375 ounces(a 400cc=.94lbs per implant)
1ccsaline=.0325oz (a 400cc=.81 lbs.)

You are lucky, I put on and lose weight fast so I went into surgery 115 and was 122 after!! I get horrible post op bloat! In fact, I am still trying to lose weight from my surgery from 5 weeks ago! I'm at 116 but also have water weight right now(darn period, ! want to get it shut off lol). Ha that is funny, but actually a good idea, bra swap site for breast aug patients! Wow 2 more weeks? Must be longer bc your incision placement. Mine was in the crease, had sutures in 10 days then steri strips for a week. I just keep having the same scar cut, I worry how many times you can cut a scar before it gets too tough? 3 times in 6 months is rough on your skin trying to heal it over and over:( You can see on my review though at least it is right in the fold so it is pretty hidden. Are you still in much pain? I found my revisions to be a piece of cake compare to my original bc the pocket is stretched out and I didn't have my muscle cut.
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The first implants were very far apart. In recent years they were migrating further into my armpits. I didn't hate my old implants until recently when they started deforming if I tried to do anything with my arms. I was told not to expect more than 10 years from them.
I really wish they had been closer. I had very strong pectorals, I did a fair bit of push ups etc, and I beleive that contributed to them taking off for my armpits.
The solution as advised by the doctor is to move the implants over the muscle and add some size. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, as I did not see your question.
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So what exactly went wrong during your first operation. YOU should defiantly write about your previous experience. What exactly are they doing to "fix" the problem that your having now.
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has this progressed to this point...or have you always had these problems...hope all goes well!
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It has progressed. The skin laxity has happened with age (hanging sock). Which I guess is to be expected. They always had more of a gap than I originally wanted but it has definitely gotten wider, and that deformity when my muscle tenses is new.
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Thank you so much for starting your story and posting your photos! Your implants do look high. A nice size but I can understand why you're seeking a revision. I hope you click with the doctor you're meeting with and he can help you get the breasts you want. Please do keep us posted!

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