My First 3 Months on Accutane - Penang, Malaysia

I have had problems with acne since my middle...

I have had problems with acne since my middle school and it was getting worst until 2 years ago ( I am 22 years old now). Because I have been living in Sydney, I had the chance to use 'proactive' for a year (it's a big no, not a long term acne solution). I decided to stop after 1 year and my face acne problems are back!

Fed up with my face because it's super oily I decided to use accutane. I have been on 10 mg for almost 3 months.

Initially during my first month of usage I had a really bad breakouts, much worst than my previous condition, to the point that I was about to stop. But after reading all reviews here, I realised, it was normal.

My second months was the worst, my face was extremely red and there were breakouts all over my face ( I have never experienced this kind of breakouts in my whole life).

I'm on my third month now, and my face has started to clear up. I'm having less breakouts especially in my forehead. I hope these clearing up stage will continue as I will see my doctor again by the end of this month.

I will update regularly and post more pictures.
Good luck on your journey ! I've started with 40mg and next month she is thinkin 60 so I'm hoping not to have an initial breakout because I'm Ready for restoration !!! Good luck on your journey keep updating :)
Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to share your experience with Accutane with us. Glad you are starting to see some positive results. What type of acne do you suffer from?
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