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Hey girls so I originally had my first BA done...

hey girls so I originally had my first BA done 12/28/2012 (done with dr.berlet please read bottom of last review if you are deciding to go with him) anyways my first BA I got 475cc moderate plus profile silicones under the muscle.. long story short I was unhappy with them not even close to the size I wanted and not the look I was going for, my left nipple still has no feeling 5 months later and my scars for 5 months are terrible! so I outright paid that surgery 8k that went down the drain :( but I rather spend the money and be happy then spend the money and have results im very unhappy with so second time around I am financing this procedure... anyways on a more positive note! my sure is 2 days (this Friday) so im nervous about my results, excited that I may finally have the boobs I want and just impatient and want to start the healing process so I can be better in time for the summer to tan!! haha my new doctor is dr. gartner, I feel more comfortable with the doctor since he specializes in boobs where as my previous surgeon did not. I decided to go with 800cc high profile silicones under the muscle crease incision... I started at a small B went to a D and we shall see what size I end up at next... so im going to post wish pictures, what I started with before any of the surgeries and how I look after my first BA, ill keep you all updated!! wish me luck cuz I sure can use it!!!

Hey girls! so0o0 everything went extremely smooth....

hey girls! so0o0 everything went extremely smooth.. my surgery was at 730 am and we started exactly at that time.. nurses were great caring and informative and dr was awesome.. before going in his ER room he took pictures and drew on me... previously I asked him about getting and internal bra( which is basically extra stitches on the breast wall to hole the implant up and helps preventing bottoming out.. he told me I didn't need it but today when he was marking me he said he will add a few stiches to put us both at ease so I was super happy about that... I was in and out of the ER in a blink and since this is my second BA he did not put an ace bandage on me just because my implants already fit into my previous pockets that were made... anesthesia was simple I didn't get sick and when I woke up I was able to walk no problem... as for pain? NONE I have absolutely no pain at all.. I didn't even take a pain pill until now just incase the other meds I got earlier are starting to wear off but def feels like I got nothing done which was the same for my first BA I guess I just tolerate pain very well lol.. when I was in the car I was like shit I can go to work now if I wanted haha but I didn't lol...anywho I did not loose my appetite I was starving so im eating normal which is good and im basically feeling great.. and again I went from 475ccs mod plus to 800cc HP silicone under muscle under crease incision.. im posting same day surgery pics now .. so far so good and much more please with my results.. as far as worth it it hasn't even been one day and they haven't dropped yet not that they will take long to drop since I had pockets already but I think they look good... can only get better from here as long as there are no complications!!
Holy moly those girls are awesome!!! You look wonderful and even though they are 800cc's (holy shit) they fit you well!! Look at you!! Looks like you have a 21 inch waist!! You look lovey!!! Congrats and keep me posted! Did he say stay with bandage until tomorrow and then shower? Did he say he could fix you incisions (I'm assuming he used the same ones) def keep me posted and can't wait to see your progress!!
thank you hun its thanx to our doc!! you in good hands... he decided not to put an ace bandage on my because being that its my second ba the pockets were already made and the muscle was already loosen so I can shower tomorrow and I wont be able to see my incisions for a week or so but he did use the same ones so hopefully they heal up nicer than my previous scars!! and I will def keep posted and post pic progress.. im excited for your surgery now lol!! im happy I decided to go with him he really is amazing
Just read how you didn't need the ace bandage!!! I'm so happy to know he starts on time some of these poor ladies wait all freakin day starving!! By what time were you out of there super girl?

Post op day one-- I woke up with morning boob :(...

post op day one-- I woke up with morning boob :( still have a little bit of dropping to do and pain is worse then yesterday but only in my incisions since he did my internal bra for me its more sensitive.. ill keep you all posted!.. going to target to get some sports bra he told me to wear asap!!
You look great! How have they settled so far?  How is your mobility and arm/chest strength after the last few weeks?  I hear different stories of a few weeks to 2 months as far as feeling normal strenthwise (lifting and stuff).
omg your results are gorgeous !! honestly the second time around I was fine right when I got home lol the second and third day my incisions really hurt but other than that it was breezy and flew by.. now they are all settled and set to go :) incisions are still healing but their getting there!
r u kidding? Yours look fabulous!!!!!! How does it feel with the internal bra?  Can you tell they are more supported inside?

25 day post op

hey girls... all is well they pretty much are settled.. I went to vickky secrets and got measure im a 34DDD :)) now all I need to do is wait for my incisions to heal!! ill post a few more recent pics!!
Why are you closing your account hope all is well!!
Hay Girly how are you?? My boobs are doing fabulous lol
That sounds pretty good, are you replacing existing implants and if so what are they?  What is your natural cup bc I have a friend that got 650's and she is bigger than me even though I have 850's since she was a C cup to begin with.
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He is awesome :)

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