48 Years Old Who Spent 2 Yrs Researching the Best Doctor for Breast Implant Revision Surgery. - Novato, CA

Describe my motivation, pros and cons, etc. .....

Describe my motivation, pros and cons, etc. ...well, I have quite the story! I became very ill and spent 5 yrs looking for a diagnosis of my illness. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis & sent to an MS clinic. Fortunately, I didn't have MS but the dr. said my symptoms were from silicone poisoning and I needed my implants exchanged immediately. I went and had that surgery done in 2008. My 1992 implants were intact and really didn't need to be exchanged. Turned out I had Lyme Disease from a tick bite while camping. From 2008 to 2014 I had scar tissue growing, contracture, mishapen breasts, and pain. My implants were above the muscle. I had no luck finding a local dr. who would operate and put them under the chest muscle. It took 2 yrs of research before I found the best doctor who had the best experience and credentials for revision surgery. Dr Delgado and staff are the most accommodating, pleasant people I have ever met in the professional field. They explain everything up front, they call and keep you informed with every step of your procedure. My pre-op, surgery, and post-op went very smooth. They made sure I was always comfortable and informed of everything going on. I have absolutely no negatives to say about any part of my experience. Of course there is pain, but that comes with having surgery. I highly recommend Dr Delgado to anyone that wants to have something done right the first time! I don't think you'll meet such a warm, caring, personable doctor or staff like that anywhere else. I can't thank them enough for how much better I feel about myself! Thank you just isn't a big enough word! :0)
I also had a few botox shots to kill the frown from squinting, I look much happier! I also had Ultherapy to iron out that crinkly neck that's starting to show I'm 48, ew! Just subtle fixes to make me feel more radiant! ...and it didn't hurt that bad at all! Way less than a tattoo or ear piercing.
Yes, I agree, you do have quite the story. I'm so sorry you had to suffer for so long. Were you completely shocked when you finally determined you had Lyme's disease? Wow, what a lot to go through. 

I'm glad your story has a happy ending...you deserve it! What type and size implants did you get with your revision? Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf!
Actually, Lyme was my last suspect. After 5 yrs of A to Z of tests... Lyme was the only thing left I wasn't specifically tested for a diagnoses on. (I'm on the "West Coast" & it's "not as common in humans" I was told) ...I guess I'm uncommon! Ha! Oh Well, I found a wonderful Dr. at the same building in SF as Dr Delgado who is treating me and has me just about symptom free. I'll remain on a life time of quarterly lab tests and antibiotic therapy as needed to keep it at bay. Due to the amount of scar tissue removed, I have different sized implants. I have the MENTOR Smooth Round High Profile Gel. 400cc in my right and 375cc in my left. He went in through my existing scars, which were under the breast fold. He removed the scar tissue and implants that were located under the breast tissue and closed that pocket. He then went in under the chest muscle for the new implants. I had drains inserted at the end of those incisions. They looked scary, but didn't hurt, did their job, and were taken out in about 4 days. End result, I have amazing, symmetrical, normal breasts that feel great inside my body and clothes! So, so happy I did my research and found the right doctor!
Oh, I feel so much relief and happiness for you. Sounds like you've got everything under control right now...will pray for you to be symptom free...forever!

Your breasts sound amazing...like you said. Glad the scar tissue was removed and your asymmetry was addressed. Feel free to post some photos...even with clothing is great!
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Dr Delgado is unusual in that he quite personable and talks to you, not at you. He makes you feel comfortable right away and not nervous like most other doctors visits. He is very thorough with his questions to be sure that he understands what you don't like about the body part you are getting fixed and will discuss in great detail of what he can realistically do to obtain the results you desire. I think that is a rare quality in a doctor these days. So many want to do what they think is best for you. I felt from him that he wanted to give me the results I wanted because I'm the one who is living in this body. It was really the defining moment that told me I had found the perfect doctor to help me. I believe that feeling that sense of confidence and trust in your doctor really helps you heal faster after surgery. My procedure may seem like no big deal to others, but it is life changing in the most positive way to me. Thank you!!

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