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My experience with Dr.Kim was outstanding and...

My experience with Dr.Kim was outstanding and artistic excellence.His calm and caring voice puts you at ease the moment you meet him. Who wants to be a patient of a doctor with an all about me attitude, the surgery is about you. Dr. Kim consults with you prior to your surgery to make certain you understand the surgery and what he is going to do for you.
His artistic talent compliment his surgical skills as we are a work in progress and seeking to have the very best masters working on a masterpiece, your body. I liked the suggestions he discussed and felt very fortunate to have him as my surgeon.
I am a breast cancer survivor and my surgery was not one of choice but of need. My breast mounds had broken down and the implants were shifting causing extreme pain and discomfort, not to mention the concern I had as to what was taking place inside my breasts.
Dr. Kim explained to me what had taken place and how he would be able to correct the problem. My surgery went very well. Dr. Kim's surgical team came in introduced themselves each step of the way. They introduced themselves when they entered the room and explained to me what they were going to do to me in preparation for my surgery. Everyone also asked if there was anything they could do to make me more comfortable during my waiting period. I did not feel like a number waiting to be processed I was a patient under a very caring team of people orchestrated by Dr. Kim. My surgery was a great success. I was so happy to see the results and actually looked better than I had ever looked in my entire life! I would highly recommend Dr. Kim to anyone looking to have any plastic surgery procedure performed whether it be required or elective. Dr. Kim would be my first choice to women dealing with breast cancer. His kindness is going to be key in your emotional healing and well being. His website is very informative with pictures and testimonies of other patients. He is also available by phone and email should you have any questions, knowing that was very important to me. Nothing is more frustrating to the patient when they cannot reach their doctor with questions. Quality of life is important. Choose a surgeon that can assure you he can perform surgeries that will fulfill those desires.
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Excellent !!!! Ladies I am reaching out to you. Please meet with Dr. Kim for your consultation before making your decision whether it be an elective procedure or breast cancer procedure. He is truly a master in his profession and a kind human being!

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hey there, can you give us more details about the operation? Thanks C
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Hi Curomi, My surgery was a result of the breast mound flattening out and giving way. This is not a result of the previous surgeon not performing the procedure properly following my bilateral mastectomy but simply because the tissue was limited to work with initially work in creating the breast mounds. Dr. Kim had to go in and remove scar tissue, remove old implants and develop a new breast mound to support new implants. To get a more natural look we replaced the implants with a smaller size and used my body fat injections to fill areas and to soften the look and correct some of the scarring that had developed over the time from my original surgery. I am going into the 4th week of healing and my breast have a much more natural look and shape. I will post pictures in the next couple of weeks. What I liked about Dr. Kim was he talked with me not at me to explain my options as to what my overall appearance would be and if that was the look I would achieve from this surgery.
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I had lots of rippling after my surgery and had fat injections to fix it, but after four months i was left with almost none. It really re absorbed into my body. Do you know if the fat was centrifugated? I am thinking also about Acellular Dermis or Alloderm but that would mean another surgery. C
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Hi Curomi, Very good question which I will ask my surgeon. This is a first time with me to have fat injections used as fill to soften breast implants. As of now I don't have that obvious ridge above the implants which make implants really stand out. I have a natural look. I felt like the character in the children's storybook "The Patchwork Quilt Bunny" all pieced together ..I am really pleased with the outcome of this surgery. I know how you feel about another surgery...always hard to go through anesthesia and recovery very hard on you and the body, but if it will help you feel better about yourself it may be worth it in the long run. Look into all possible options before you make your final decision. You could also email Dr. Kim for his thoughts on this procedure
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:)))))))))))))))))) the patchwork quilt bunny, hihihi ! yes, please ask ,cos i know my doctor did not centrifugate the fat , therefore i sort of believe that might be why it did not stick. Very happy you sorted yourself out thou. I don't think i would go through another surgery only because of rippling to be honest, or at least not so soon after the first surgey. I live way far to contact your doctor , but thanks anyway :) C
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