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I currently have 325 cc saline breast implants...

I currently have 325 cc saline breast implants subgland (above) since 2006. I have no problems and loved them up until i had my last child (5 months ago) and now they are saggy. I have had 4 different consultations, and ALL of the doctors have told me 4 different answers and recommendations!! not sure what to do. 1- Lift/submuscular/gel 2- lift-subgland/gel 3- no lift/subgland/saline and finally the 4th said - no lift/gel. Seriously this was not helpful at all in assisting me with my decision!! Please help. I am just wanting a little less sag, higher profile, a little bigger (prefer over the muscle because of recovery and i work out and do lots of pushups--thanks to the military) and want to fill comfortable sometimes not wearing a bra without my boobs looking flat and saggy.


Im having the same issue
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This must be frustrating for you! You might want to post your question and photo about your Breast Implant Revision in the RealSelf Doctor Q&A for additional feedback. Maybe you'll find a common theme with several more doctor responses. (Just remember, you can't respond to the doctor's's a one time Question and then Answer.) Let us know what else you find out in your research! Take care!

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            my breast used to sag too after i had my daughter; before i got pregnant they sat up nice and perky; i recently had an internal bra done; my breast sit up nice and perky again; i couldnt be happier; you should talk to your about getting and internal bra done! im goung to be honest with you having and internal bra done was very painful for me; but the results are worth it; i have pics if you would like to see them;
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