40 Year Old Mom of 2, Unhappy with BA, Decided to Downsize - Newport Beach, CA

I’m a 40 year old mom of 2 kids. I’m 5’2,...

I’m a 40 year old mom of 2 kids. I’m 5’2, size 0 and weigh 93 lbs with a slight build. I had a previous BA back in 2011 in which, despite everyone’s advice, I did not do nearly enough homework (i.e bring wish boob pictures, researching other peoples’ experiences, etc). I ended up feeling like I got talked into going bigger since I had heard that was the most common regret.

I currently have Natrelle 325cc HP under the muscle. I went from barely filling a 32A (due to breast-feeding both kids) to a 32D. While I admit that I looked pretty good from the front (straight-on view), I was really self-conscious about how much I stuck out from the side (profile view). My PS was sympathetic but reassured me that it was just post-op nerves and that I just needed to wait until they settled and I just wasn’t used to my new size. Three months post-BA, even though everyone told me I looked great, I did not feel great. I started wear loose clothing and began slouching to hide my chest. Weird, right? Having the surgery was supposed to boost my confidence but instead, the opposite happened. In addition, after the implants had settled down, my right breast ended up being slightly elevated than my left breast. Even though the pockets were identical, the surgery ended up exaggerating this minor flaw which neither myself nor my PS noticed before. It was most obvious when I would wear something with a lower neckline. You could totally tell from a profile view that the right side was sitting higher when compared to the left. I was able to hide it by choosing tube top or bandeau where the neckline went straight across my chest. I found that I could not wear certain v-neck or scoop necklines as you would see that the curve of the right breast was more pronounced from a straight-on view.

So, after 2 1/2 long years, I finally decided to get a revision. I had my consultation last week. I went to the same doctor as I felt I had no complaints about how he performed his “work.” The spacing between the breasts was spot on and the incisions were small and nicely hidden. Plus, I felt that he already seen my chest from the inside and would be familiar with its quirks! My PS advised to go down by at least 75cc in order to notice a difference. I had also read elsewhere (but don’t quote me on this!) that 100cc is the rough equivalent to a cup size. Given my petite frame, we decided to go with Natrelle 213cc Mod+ and, ideally (fingers crossed!), end up somewhere in the B range.


Hi teeny tiny I am quite small myself. 5'2 96lbs I wanted full b and low C I showed a wish picture to the doctor of a girl who looked like me preop and has same stat as me. The dr suggested I do 300cc mod plus just like that girl. But now I am worried after listening to your story. Maybe you had more breast tissues preop? Or high profile made a difference? I am nervous because I am going in for my preop this Friday.
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Hi jackeelynn_t, I initially got recommended 300cc - 350cc. To give you an idea of my size, my ribcage, right under my breasts, measures 27" around and 30" around right above my breasts. I can fit into Girls XL (size 14-16) clothing. After nursing 2 kids, I don't think I had that much breast tissue as they looked fairly deflated, heh heh. I thought the high profile ones made me "look like I had a boob job" whereas the mod plus seemed more like I just had a nice push up bra underneath. I know that some people love the high profile look but I found out that I just wasn't comfortable with the 325cc volume. I do have to add that I filled out a Victoria's Secret bra nicer with the high profile implants. Now with the mod plus, I'm most comfortable in those soft bralettes (less expensive too!). I know 213cc sounds small but I like the way they look on me. Little as I am, bigger did not necessarily mean better! Good luck in your pre-op!!
Thanks for your reply. I am surprised you are a 32c with 213cc. I also tried that and a 234cc and that dr said I won't even be anywhere near a full B. I guess I have less breast tissue than you.
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