Wish I Would've Gone Bigger and Now How Do I Fix It?

Mu breast do look nicer but im still fitting my...

Mu breast do look nicer but im still fitting my old bras and the point of me doing them is so my clothes would fit better. I feel like i wasted so much money and expected better results.

At first i thought i have gone to small andi was...

At first i thought i have gone to small andi was considering about going under the knife again..

its been a month and some days eversince and i must say i'm happier with my results .

i did it so my clothes will fit better.

I'm a little concern because i think i lost my nipple sensation, is this normal? We'll my sensation come back??

before BA i was a 34B

Now im measuring a 34d i got measure at victoria secret's(i do think there bras run small)

i still cant believe 350 silicone gel mod+ brught me to a D.

Im 5'0 and weight 116 lbs. I was a 34b before my breast augmentation which was on December 3rd of 09 I was a b cup before and got 350 CC's and i feel like 350's didnt do much. I called the doctors office and they told me that i have to give it time for them to look better. Will 500 cc's make any difference? Is there a way my dr can redo them and what do you think will be the estimated price ? The office manager is telling me to give it 3 months.

I'm on my 2nd revision,possible 3rd. My right...

I'm on my 2nd revision,possible 3rd. My right breast doesn't seem to drop. The first revision was like 6 months ago, which Dr. S went inside to open the pocket of my right one so that my implant could drop to match my left one. It ended up looking lump sided and didn't look nothing at all like my left. So he decided to do it again to fix it. The second time which was on May 20,2011 less than a month he went back in to close up the pocket on my right and open up a little to my side boob so that my it can look similar to my right.. This has continued for the past 2 years and it seems that there is no way to get the r breast to look like the L. MD told me to give it two months so that the r breast can settle and that he is going to lift the left brest to look the right. He is covering all fees. But i just don't know what to do.. I'm scared to go through anesthesia for the 4th time. I have pictures of before and after, just kind of embarrassed to upload them.

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Thank u for the advise, Expreso. I have found out that 25cc is only 2 tablespoons, so I would need a lot more than 50cc-75cc to make a huge difference. I will wait and see. My friends think I picked a good size for my body size.
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Should I go back for bigger implants? I was an "a" and now I am a"c". I wish I had gone a little bit bigger! It has only been a week. I went with 325cc and I think I should have went with 375cc or 400cc. Will they get any flufier (look a litlltle bigger after they drop?)
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Give it at least 3 weeks post-op, as they should look significantly better by then. First milestone, if you like. Second milestone is 6 weeks, where they should look better still.

If after a few months you're still not happy with the size, you'll probably want to wait at least 6 months before having a consult for a revision.
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Regarding your 6/14/11 update: If you're feeling frustrated, it might not hurt to get consults from 2 other cosmetic surgeons. Be advised that it would be extremely unlikely that any surgical professional would criticize the work of another surgical professional, but you might be able to get a better answer to your question of "why does the right side not drop like the left side?" More to the point, if you're getting repeated revisions from the same surgeon and not getting the desired results, it might be time to choose another surgeon. I believe one goal all surgeons strive for, is to achieve the goals with as few surgeries as possible, since each successive surgery (of the same type, not quite so relevant for completely unrelated surgeries) is making a nominal impact to the "raw materials"; eventually those "raw materials" get to a point of depletion/change (eg, scarring) which make subsequent surgeries particularly challenging. (This doesn't mean a maximum of 5 surgeries, but hitting that threshold at 100 surgeries would probably be very unlikely.) The good news is that a good/experienced/ethical surgeon, if he feels he cannot improve on your results or meet your expectations, will not take you as a patient. (Good in the sense that you would not receive unnecessary surgery.) What I'm trying to say is a) it might not be a good idea to repeatedly go back to the same surgeon if you're not achieving your desired goals, and b) if you decide to consult with another surgeon for a fresh perspective, be sure to temper your expectations with the understanding that the surgeon will approach your case with a healthy dose of realism, and not a thick sugar coating of optimism unless he feels he can easily meet your expectations.
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Glad to hear things have worked out. You also mentioned loss of nipple sensitivity; it's too early to tell, you might not have the 'final' results in terms of sensitivity for many months yet. This will require patience yet again. Remember to stick with a healthy lifestyle, to maximize your healing results.
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So its been 1 month and 11 days since I had my BA, I must say I think I d&F already. At first i thought they looked small and now I'm actually startig to like them. I went to VS and im a 34d, i dont feel like a D but they are cute.
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Ask your doctor to provide you with the before pictures and the after pictures. I would like to see them and give you an advise. Also make sure you have the information card on the implants that will tell how big the implants are.
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Do you mean swollen? Is that why they look so small? I don't see much of a differnce dr.Shureih. I feel like they look the same as they did before,which upsets me because I pictured different results.
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Give it some time. I was in your shoe. I am your size but an inch taller than you. When I had my first breast aug., I used 350 saline implant filled to 390cc. I felt the same way you are currently feeling. About 1 yr after my first surgery I decided to redo my breast and went bigger. I had the first implant replaced to 510cc saline implant. Now I feel very uncomfortable and really regret I'd made that decision. Now I realized, that my body frame is to small for such large implants and don't look natural. Since you think your breast implant currently look nice. Keep in mind, you can always wear a push up bra to give you a more large effect and yet still look natural. Good luck !
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It's only been about 2 weeks. You still haven't dropped and fluffed. Breast augmentation surgery *does* take some time for the full effect to become evident, at least for someone who has never had a breast augmentation before. You *might* see some signs of the goodness to come at about 3 weeks, but make a note in your calendar at about 6 weeks (let's say Jan 15), as things should be quite a bit closer to goodness by that point. Yes, 3 months will be even better, and 6 months better still. But the first 2-3 weeks you aren't likely to see anything close to representing your final look. Please be patient. And please update this thread on Jan 15 to let us know how things have progressed. To answer your other question, yes, 500cc (an increase of 150cc) will make a small difference (about half a bra cup size) but again, hold off until at least 3 months before making that decision. That said, you could ask your surgeon's office whether there's a window of opportunity (financially speaking) that will be closed at 3 months, 6 months, etc. Meaning, at how many months post-op will you be faced with having to pay full price? There might be a sliding scale which varies with the passage of time. There's no way to know what you can expect to pay for a redo without asking your surgeon's office, unless you plan to switch surgeons (and so far, I haven't read anything which suggests you should switch). If you do switch surgeons, you can probably expect to pay full price. And full price will vary a bit by surgeon, and a lot by geographic location.
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Thanks for your suggestion. I'm planning to wait 3 months to make a final decision. This weekend i went to victoria secret and i measured a 34d, i dont want them to get any smaller..Do you think they are ? When they dropped and fluffed, do they look better?
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Just be patient. Jan 15th, let us know how things look then. :-)
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