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Before my consultation, I spent weeks on the...

Before my consultation, I spent weeks on the internet, researching saline vs. silicone, over vs. under, round vs. teardrop, smooth vs. textured, high profile vs. moderate plus, 250cc vs. 550cc, cohesive, gummie bear, lollipop, anchor, donut, crescent, internal bra etc., etc. etc. – with breast implants you have more options than a Starbucks latte! As many of you know, this can be overwhelming. You are about to make a life changing decision and want the best result possible! A good friend in the medical field referred me to Dr. Setty and I could not be happier with my results! From the moment that I met him, he made me feel comfortable. He actually listened to what I was looking for and made suggestions/recommendations that I had not even considered.

We collectively decided on an anchor lift with round, textured, cohesive gel, 385 cc Sientra implant under the muscle. I explained to Dr. Setty that I wanted to be lifted as high as possible. Lift and shape were my top priorites and size was a distant third. I would rather be lifted and perky than large and saggy any day! To understand my decision and Dr. Settys recommendations you need to hear my full story.

When I was 22 (2001), I consulted a doctor for a breast lift. I had always been unhappy with the perkiness of my breasts. Size wise, I was a 34D to 36C. My original doctor (not Dr. Setty) recommended a 425-450cc Saline implant over the muscle – I naively accepted this recommendation and scheduled surgery the following week. The moment that I woke up from surgery, I knew I had made a HUGE mistake! The doctor surpassed the original recommendation of 425cc size by over 235ccs! I was left with 660cc saline implants over the muscle! Not only were they ridiculously round and hard, they were ridiculously HEAVY!! And I am not talking a little heavy, VERY HEAVY. For the last 12 years, I wore a sports bra – 24/7 day and night. In the shower, I had to hold up my breasts with my arm. They were literally an anchor – and please let this serve as a warning to any of you contemplating going over 600ccs. In addition to the large hard implants, I developed Grade IV capsular contracture (CC) and was in constant pain.

During the consultation, I explained all of these issues to Dr. Setty. Here was his recommendation and why:

Silicone – more natural feel and smoother shape
Cohesive Gel – less potential for rupture/leakage.
Round – to still give me some upper pole fullness
350-385cc – average D and NO larger
High Profile – this was my preferred projection
Textured – less probability for dropping (sticks like Velcro to tissue/muscle) and less potential for CC again
Under muscle – smoother shape, less potential for CC again, better for mammograms

Dr. Setty listened to every detail and made the most thought out recommendation. I had never really considered textured implants until he explained the benefits and why this suited my particular situation. I am now a total proponent! He also recommended that we deflate my current implants to see what breast tissue I had left. This initially was quite a stressful proposition considering that waking up with deflated breasts was one of my worst fears. After he explained the rationale, I trusted him and was on board. Let me just say that instead of the experience being emotionally debilitating, it was actually liberating!!! I no longer had the weight of 660ccs of water bearing down on my poor skin. It made me even more excited for my upcoming surgery.

My surgery ended up taking 7.5 hours due to the immense amount of scar tissue and calcification from the capsular contracture. He had to remove a large amount of tissue and then had to lift and rebuild my breasts. He took his time and you can tell!! He did an absolutely fabulous job! I now have perky, perfectly shaped, D sized breasts. Not too round, not too hard and most importantly not too HEAVY. I have full confidence to go without a bra now!! This is an amazingly wonderful feeling!!


Thank you so much for posting your review. It really helps to share with others going through a similar experience. I would love hear more about your recovery. Did you have pocket repair? I would love to see your results.
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Hi Newmeaug13! You are actually one of the people that I followed on a daily basis before and after my surgery. Your story was very similar to mine! thank you for sharing!! I figured it is now my turn to share and hopefully help someone else out. I had quite a bit of repair. My doctor estimated 3.5 - 4.5 hr surgery. It ended up taking 7.5 hr because there was so much scar tissue and calcification. He had to close my pocket over the muscle and create a new pocket under the muscle. I am about to post pictures before and after. Just had to get up enough nerve. :))

Congratulations! I can't begin to imagine how great you must feel both physically and emotionally. Did you not feel justified getting this done earlier? Sounds like you were in discomfort for several years. Wondering if you're a tall woman and if your original surgeon thought you could carry the 600 cc's with no problem. Glad you're happy now! Thank you for taking the time to explain in detail your experience. Many women on RealSelf will find this most helpful.

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Before pictures

Before pictures. The bra is a 36F and I am overflowing it! 660cc saline implants over the muscle. Very round and heavy!

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After deflating

Pictures right after doctor deflated my saline implants

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1 week post op

1 week post op photos

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3 weeks post op

My photo taking skills are not the best! Still a little glue left on the incisions. I love the size!! They are so lightweight!


I think that you look amazing and your PS did a great job!! You are going to have a very natural look, and I agree that the deflated breast look better, the 660 look painful. Happy healing and good look to you!!
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You look great! I am so sorry that your first experience went the way it did. I couldn't even imagine! Anyway, I think that you look amazing and your PS did a great job!! Happy healing!
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             you look good! nice result!
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12 Week Post Op Photo


Just curious who was your first doctor? You look great!
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You look fantastic, very natural!
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Thank you VERY much for showing the deflation!! Im thinking about not only a revision but a MM as well. How did they deflate them and was it done under a local or general?! Im thinking it might help me as well to determine how much natural breast I have before my lift and exchange.
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A good friend in the medical field referred me to Dr. Setty and I could not be happier with my results! From the moment that I met him, he made me feel comfortable. He actually listened to what I was looking for and made suggestions/recommendations that I had not even considered. If you are looking for a surgeon that is up to date on the latest technologies and will listen and customize the surgery to your specific needs, please contact Dr. Setty! **Feel free to read the full review and experience on my profile page**

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