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I had old silicone implants from 1996 that I...

I had old silicone implants from 1996 that I wanted to change to new ones. They looked fine before but now a mess. The doc did not read or ignored the old surgery report I gave him that stated that implants were placed above muscle in my case due to lack of tissue around nipple area and could not be placed properly under muscle. The new doctor put under muscle anyways and all kinds of problems and very unhappy now including mismatched size,shape, one hangs much lower now than other one and ripples on sides every time I bend a certain way. I just want my old breasts back but not sure if it can be done and if it will look nice like before :(.
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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf despite your disappointment. How long ago was your 2nd surgery? Are you possibly considering another revision? Take care and keep us posted.

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I am so sorry. How long ago? Who was your Dr? It does take awhile, i am 9 weeks and still hoping for them to evolve as my doc says, but very happy. Third time worked for me. Do you have photos?
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