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A mother to three, and 46 years old, maybe now I...

A mother to three, and 46 years old, maybe now I could perk myself up and feel sexy and attractive again? I had an adomnioplasty and a breast lift with augmentation. Unfortunately, I did not have Dr. Pousti to perform my procedures. I am over for months post op and still have horrible pain in both breasts. I pleaded with my first surgeon that my implants did not feel right and how badly they hurt. Finally…I make it to Dr. Pousti and he eases my emotions a bit, but I still need to wait to heal enough to do any type of revision to my breasts. A month later I see Dr. Pousti, I tell him to please remove the implants, I can’t take the pain any longer, as one implant is displaced. Dr. Pousti made me look at myself from the outside in and asked me if I would still feel attractive with no breasts. He reassured me that I was attractive, but more importantly that I still have a lot of living and excitement left in me despite the pain I feel. I look forward to being pain free and looking pretty again!

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you have been in pain for the past four months. What a drag! Glad you found a doctor you like for your revision. What exactly will your PS be doing to get the pain to subside? Sounds like you are keeping your implants. How many cc's do you currently have? Thank you for sharing your story. Looking forward to your updates! 

Did you have your implants removed?
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I have a friend that has beautiful breast that Dr. Pousti's father had implanted. I began looking at the work Dr. Tom Pousti was doing and all of the lovely revisions performed and I am hoping the same results.

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