I Am So Glad I Had Breast Revision Surgery

I had my first breast implant surgery 20 years ago...

I had my first breast implant surgery 20 years ago. Shortly after I developed a capsular contracture. After living with it for many years I finally decided to have it corrected and have my implants replaced with larger ones.

I spent many hours researching plastic surgeons, looked at hundreds of before and after pictures, read numerous testimonials from patients and consulted with two other surgeons.

I could not be happier with the results. It's only been about six weeks now since my surgery, but I could not be happier with the results.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. cleaned out all the scar tissue from the capsular contracture, from both breasts, and replaced the implants with larger ones placing then under the muscle. I love my new look. Dr. P's staff is very pleasant and caring. I would recommend Dr. P to anyone who is thinking of having revision surgery.

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i will have to look into it for sure, only downside is my 3 kids being watched, ill have to see though, thanks
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im glad your revision went well, i had mine done 2 years ago in oklahoma, and now have capsular and want to have scar tissue removed, and larger saline UNDER the muscle this time. how was your recovery?
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The recovery time was about 10 days before I went back to work. As long as I took the pain medication every four hours it kept the pain under control. Within a few days I didn't need anymore pain killers. The recovery went very well. I am so glad I had it done. Good luck.
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sux for me cause im in texas, and dont know much about flying, i think i would get all confused, not know when to come or go, and all :(
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If you can't have Dr Pousti do your revision surgery be sure to do your research on the surgeon you choose. But I would fly to San Diego have have Dr. Pousti do because he did such a wonderful job with me.
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I just had my consultation with him. I am still hesitant to do it though. Did it hurt?
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