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Howard performed a breast implant revision and breast lift in March 2013 after I discovered one of my current implants (which were 13 years old) had ruptured. My recovery was brilliant with very little pain. I had asked Howard to use smaller implants than what I originally had in but realised a few weeks after my surgery that I had made a mistake. Even though the breasts Howard had given me were perfect, they just felt way too small for me. I spoke to Howard about this and after much discussion we decided to do another implant revision, with larger implants, which I had 10 days ago. I am extremely happy with the results this time and I am so glad that Howard was so understanding of my feelings. He is without a doubt one of the most genuine, caring surgeons I have had the pleasure of dealing with and his work is clearly amazing. All of his staff, at both offices, have been fantastic as have the staff at both hospitals I attended. I would recommend Howard to anyone who was considering having a procedure done and wouldn't hesitate to use him again myself.
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That's nice for some extra added reassurance!

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Congratulations! I am happy to hear that you were able to work with your PS to get your desired results. Was it really obvious that your implant had ruptured? What was your original implant size? How many cc's did you decrease to on your second set of implants? Glad to hear you had a smooth recovery.Thank you for sharing your interesting and unique story on RealSelf!

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No it wasn't obvious at all that the implant had ruptured. I discovered a pea size lump in my breast that I was quite concerned about, and this turned out to be free floating silicone. I also thought that one breast in particular (the one it turned out had the rupture) was more "lumpy" than usual and I just didn't think it felt quite right. I was sent for an MRI which is when they discovered the rupture. My original implants were 305cc and we only went down to a 250cc but I think the problem was that the original implants were 12.8cm in diameter and the replacements were only 11.3cm. I didn't feel the projection was the problem, it was the diameter that made them feel way too small for me. With the second revision I chose 375cc moderate profile plus implants which gave me a diameter of 12.9cm (and the projection only increased by 0.3cm) and I feel that these are perfect for me.
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So glad you were able to determine the problem with an MRI. You were smart to have it checked out. This is a great example for other women; if you aren't feeling quite right about your body, you need to have it checked out by a doctor. How are feeling these days?

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Feeling great now thanks. It was a huge relief to have the ruptured implant removed, especially given that I had an extracapsular rupture which meant some of the silicone had started to escape the capsule. I had read a lot of terrible stories about how the silicone can travel and make its way into organs such as the lungs, etc so you just don't know what to expect. A lot of what you read is of course exaggerated but it still raises your concerns. I also knew that because of the rupture I needed to find a PS that I had complete trust in as the explantation of a ruptured implant is apparently a much trickier procedure than having them put in.
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I forgot to ask you...did you get silicone for your revision? Any chance the newer silicone that stays together if ruptured? I watched a video about removing a ruptured silicone implant and you're right, it's not a simple procedure.

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Yes I did get the newer silicone. The way that my PS explained it to me was that the implants I had, which were the old PIPs, had the consisitency of water basically, the new silicone implants are more the consistency of turkish delight, so even if they do rupture the contents remain intact.
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