Replacement of Saline with Silicone Implants Under Local - Coeur d'Alene, ID

My implants were 20 years old when I replaced them...

My implants were 20 years old when I replaced them 3 years ago, saline, over the muscle, with saline over the muscle (my Doctor said I could go under the muscle after so long over) and after six months I had like a bubble on top of each one, never had a problem with my other ones like that..I hated could see it on top of each breast..I under stand ripples but this was way more. Finally I went back a second time and told my Dr. it was like they weren't filled right..but he said no it was because I was thin. Any way to make me happy he said he would replace with silicon implants for cost in his office under local anesthesia. Anyone experienced this?

Any chance you'd feel comfortable sharing photos? It's hard to visualize what you're describing. Do you mean that you have a double bubble?

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Looking forward to hearing more.


I see my dr. on the next week to go over the...

I see my dr. on the next week to go over the procedure and to look at the implants, etc. He says he can not put my implants under my muscle now as it has been almost 25 years over the muscle and they will just pop out again, which is why I had them put over the muscle when I re did them three years ago..I really don't think it is ripples, it is only on the top of each breast..I would send a picture but you cant really see it..more feel a little bulge or pocket on top of each breast. I will let you know how the meeting goes..but I haven't had any feed back from anyone but the Dr.s I trust my dr. and I like his I am hopeful
Haven't done my surgery yet..scheduled for later in the month
You couldn't really see anything from a photo, just two little "hills" on top of each breast. I had my revision surgery yesterday and it went great..done in his office, out with the saline and in with the silicone..I may still have a bit of rippling but hopefully nothing like i had with the saline. My Dr was fantastic,.,I would recommend him to ANYONE!! I was wrong, it was ripples..I have almost no breast tissue so Dr. is doing what he can to make me happy...i will keep you informed how it goes. Thanks

I had my surgery three days ago and it was great.....

i had my surgery three days ago and it was great...I had local numbing shots at the incision and that was it as far as drugs went.. (except for a pill to relax me before) There was a little pain but all in all it was a piece of cake, Replaced my saline with silicone and I love them so far..I will still have some rippling..since I have like no breast tissue..but already I can tell it will be less noticeable. I would highly recommend my Dr. to any one..he was great to do this at only the cost for implants and his some supplies. It had been three years since he did the original ones but he still wanted me to be happy and so he worked with me...I am so glad I went back to him..i would certainly go again if I needed anything else and recommend him!!!!
Who was your dr?
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