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Accutane Stopped my Acne in Its Tracks!

I struggled with cystic acne from the ages of 17...

I struggled with cystic acne from the ages of 17 to 23. My acne was not severe but persistent.

I tried every treatment known to man: over the counter products, Proactiv, prescription Benzoyl Peroxide, Retin-A Micro, chemical peels, vibradermabrasion, Smoothbeam laser, etc. Although combination therapy with Retin-A Micro, chemical peels, and vibradermabrasion helped control my breakouts, I never completely got rid of acne until I decided to go on Accutane.

I was prescribed 40mg of Accutane a day for 5 months. For the first 6 weeks, I broke out a little more than usual, nothing drastic. Ever since, my skin has been completely clear of cystic acne. I've been off the medication for 4 months now and am elated with the results!!

I experienced little to no side effects during treatment. Don't listen to all the skeptics out on the internet; they're completely full of it and not doctors. Your physician/dermatologist wouldn't prescribe the medication if they believed it caused harmful side effects.

Bottom line, if you want to get rid of acne, take Accutane!! It's fantastic.


Accutane has several severe side effects, what are you talking about? I guarantee if you had oily skin before taking accutane it will come back, this isnt a miracle cure by far! Not long after finishing a course of accutane my hair dramatically fell out and never grew back full, its stayed thinned. My lips have stayed chapped for 3 years after and loads of people get this, about 90% of people experience excessive drying because thats what accutane does. A large majority of people experience side effects that are way worse than acne itself and yes, a dermatologist does tell you about this but many people are so desperate to clear their acne that they listen to anything and ignore the bad parts. So, tell me, 2 years down the line how is your skin now? back to the same bad skin? obviously, because accutane is NOT A CURE.
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Two years down the line, my skin is still acne free.
Charlotte Dermatologist

Dr. and her staff are very educated and experienced in their treatment of acne and use of Accutane. They put the patient first and do everything they can to achieve the results you desire.

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