58 Year Old with Severe Incapsulation on Implants - Brookfield, WI

In late January I began having severe pain in my...

In late January I began having severe pain in my right breast area, I wasnt sure if it was my rib cage or my breast itself. The pain worsened until one friday night i had to go to the ER. There they did xrays which showed some dark areas in my right breast. I was quickly referred to a "cancer" breast specialist. After the specialsit read my xrays she requested a mammagram which also showed a darkend area, I was then sent to another area of the hspital where they did an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed the area of concern again and I was urgently sent back to the hospital a few days later for an MRI. The MRI showed the darkend spot was a fold or oddity in my 12 year old breast implants ( surgery done by a differnt surgeon). I was referred to Dr. Loewenstein for his opinion. I can only say that I was truly blessed both by the fact that I was cancer free, but also by that fact that I was refferred to Dr. Loewenstein! Today, 14 days later I am pain free! Dr. Lewenstein is truly my angel, he has changed my life and made me feel and look amazing! I look back now and realized that the days before my surgey and even the day of I was NEVER afraid. I was so confident in Dr. Loewenstein, I had no fear. He was so kind and gentle, yet so professional. I could see it in his face and eyes that he really cared about me and for all that he has done for me I will always be grateful. He removed the old implants and scar tissue around them and replaced them with new implants that are far more fitting of my body and the image is much more natural. To say that I m happy and pleased are both understatements. I will forever feel a special place in my heart for what he did for me. I cant imagine what my life would be like had he not helped me and treated me the way he did. To Dr. Loewenstein...THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER! Keri

4 1/2 months post op

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing great! I have "settled" into my "new body" and although it took some getting used to, I am very happy with the way things look and feel. At first I had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror because although the difference was better, it was a huge change. Every time I looked in the mirror it was hard to get myself to see that it was me and not someone else. As days a weeks passed the swelling went down and I got more used to seeing the new me. So here I am 4 1/2 months later and could not be more grateful! Thank you Dr. Loewenstein for the "new me"! If anyone is considering this type of surgery with Dr. Loewenstein I would like to personally say " do it" !!! K.O.
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon

He is like my angle. Dr Loewenstein changed my life by replacing my breast implants after a serious scare with what was posssibly thought to breast cancer. My old implants were incapsulated, folded and caused excruciating pain. Dr Loewenstein removed and replaced them and now 14 days later I feel like a new woman...no pain and I look wonderful! I cant imagine any other doctor being so kind and caring, so much as though I was family, he is my hero!!

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yes they did. they thought it was great!
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yes they did. they thought it was great :)
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I am going to have an mri also next week and a little worry about it. Did you have any side effect or is it just "annoying" ? Happy about your results thou :o))))) C
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Hi C No there are no side effects from the MRI and it really wasnt annoying...just focus your mind on/in a happier place and dont think about anything around you. It will be over before you know it! Best wishes to you! Let me know how you do :) K
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thank you so much; will do :))))) C
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How are you doing? K
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Sorry you had to go through such pain and turmoil to determine the source of your problem. I'm also glad it wasn't cancer. It's nice that you found such a wonderful doctor to perform your revision. What size were your old implants? You mentioned you went with a more natural look this time. What type and size implants did you get with your recent surgery?
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Hi Beth I am so greatful it wasnt cancer too. Altough it was a long and painful time to get to where I am at, I m so happy with what Dr L ddid for me! I had 360's before and have 320's now I just look more natural they are not hard and round and they are "lower profile" not one over 25 has breasts that sit that high on their chest, mine were so fake looking it was obvious. Now I look great and very natural. K
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Sounds like you chose just the right size and profile for your body and comfort level. Just curious, how did your friends and family react to your news after everything you went through? Did they know about your original implants?
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Hi Beth, My friends and family thought that I looked great. They were impressed with Dr Loewensteins work! They were happy that I was happy and were grateful that I had such great care and results. K
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Oh I'm just so happy for you! I love your recent update. It's great to know you're happy and everyone around you is supportive too. Enjoy, enjoy...you deserve it!
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Thanks Beth! Dr Loewenstein is the reason for my successful journey :)
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Thought you might also be interested in dropping in on a forum for women in their 50's getting breast augmentation. They're a great group of supportive women!
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