Uneven breast augmentation

I was pretty flat chested before getting my under...

I was pretty flat chested before getting my under the muscle 507cc textured silicone breast implants. Before surgery the doctor told me my nipples were even. After surgery my left is lower. My right breast looks quite a bit larger and lays completely different than my other one. I hate looking at myself.

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10 weeks post op

Sagging left breast, left nipple is much lower. Right breast Isuzu larger in size.

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1 month post op

I was ok with the way they were looking here.... At 1 month post op.


Oh, no. I am so sorry. Do not give up. I had surgery twice with the wrong Dr before I found Dr Stoker who fixed my breasts beautifully. At 52 they look better then they have since my twenties. My original dr kept telling me he could fix them free of charge within a year too. You should document everything. Good luck,
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2 month check up

My doctor originally already went with the largest size round textured implant possible and sutured the outside part of my muscle to keep my implant from falling into my armpit. He chose textured implants to prevent them from sliding more towards my armpits as well.


Yeah... I understand I have a rounded rib cage which affects my overall outcome, but I forgot to mention the fact that my left breast has a complete flat spot on the inner bottom side about 3 inches in length. The surgeon said he couldn't cut my pocket any lower without it "bottoming out". I've never had a boob job before, how were muscles messed up to the point that it ruined my pocket for an implant the very first time? Is that common? I don't hear anyone online mentioning anything of the sort. I believe because the pocket was not cut correctly the implant can not fall like my right breast causing it to protrude outwards and appear smaller than my right..... But I don't know- I'm not a doctor!
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That is a common response from a surgeon..."there is nothing they can do to fix their mistakes". Classic!
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What type of things did both your surgeons do to "fix" yours?

Size difference at 10 weeks

Laying down


I'm sorry that this has happened to you. Your implants look more las 300cc are you sure he put 500cc? He need to fix his mistake or issue a full refund that way you can have them revised with a different doctor.
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I'be yet to get second opinions.... Mainly because I do not have another $7,300 to invest into my chest. I thought the 1st time was going to go better. This surgeon has done 2 close friends of mine and many other girls I've know over the years. So I had high hopes for a wonderful surgery and if not I had high hopes I could have them redone at a lesser cost, but now that's not an even option! It frustrates me. I would of never got them done if I had know it was going to be like this. My advice to women with round rib cages is to stay flat, a boob job is not an option for people with round rib cages ! :(

What to expect when getting breast implants with a rounder rib cage

Ok, after doing more research I've educated myself on something I feel like my surgeon should have educated me on. I believe that may be the only huge mistake my surgeon made was not communicate with me about the results I would receive given the fact I have a rounder barrel like rib cage.hope this helps other woman in situations like mine. My surgeon stitched up the sides of my pocket to keep implants from falling to much into my arm pit, used a moderate round implant, 507cc silicone, and used a textured implant to help try and keep the implant in place more so they would not slide apart as much.

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Realistic expectations

I believe my doctor does good work, but needs to communicate what results will be better before doing surgery. I hope other women can see this review and educate themselves more and get realistic expectations if they are too, like me with a rounder barrel like rib cage. Surgeons are surgeons, not god. Of your chest is rounder your breast fall more outwards and will not be able to achieve the closeness or cleavage you may desire because of your natural anatomy.


I see what you are saying when you lay down though. At least from the pictures posted, it looks like they go out into your armpit area more than you were probably wanting them to. The same exact thing happens to mine.
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But personally, I think your breast revision results look fabulous.
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Thank you! I don't know how, but my post came up in the revision section, which in fact they are not. This is my very first augmentation.

3 month post op

Feeling sooo soooo soooo much better today after my visit. My doctor understood each complaint I had and went over each option. I learned from him today that there are so many more reconstructive options going under the knife on a second time opposed to a first time beast augmentation. Apparently pocket size is now created that can be worked with as well as having scar tissue a necessary helpful thing he will now be able to use to my advantage. I am to wait 3 more months, then we will talk about getting different implants put in and doing some work on the pockets posing my current challenges. This is music to my ears! I have hope again! Today reassured me why I chose my surgeon. I've seen so much of his amazing work, but I have to admit I am the first person I've seen that has been a first time breast augmentation patient. So in my eyes, all the other woman had my surgeon do reconstructive and I'm seeing wonderful results or "the" results I've always wanted not knowing my expectations were not based on first timers.... Silly me.

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Not saying at this time

The doctor said within one year I can redo my boobs and just pay the. Anesthesiologist fee, around $1500 total... but at all our appointments he just tells me there is nothing he can do to fix my boobs. As if he just wants it to go past the one year mark to get $10,000 more from me ontop of what I paid for the first surgery!

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