Scary Experience in Thailand

I had a breast augmentation revision. In 2007, I...

I had a breast augmentation revision. In 2007, I had a breast augmentation. I was a 34A and my breasts had always been kind of droopy at a young age. I have a very small body, but curvy just the same. I didn't want big breasts. I just wanted to look normal. I got 240 cc low profile implants, and I was happy with the results and the doctor who performed the surgery. About 4 months later, they had gotten smaller and sort of "deflated."

In 2010, I decided to get a breast augmentation revision. The pricing charged by my previous doctor had risen drammatically, and I was recommended to another doctor by a medical tourism agency. He spoke poor English and rushed me through the consultation. I had my doubts, but I had also had doubts before and figured that this was just a symptom of being an American getting surgery performed in the East. Again, I did not want large breast, just the fullness that I had before. He convinced me to do 300 cc HIGH PROFILE implants.

I was in a lot of pain after the surgery. Even the poor bedding that I was given was causing extreme pain in my lower back. The doctor never visited me. I wasn't given after-care instructions.

I feel like I look so fake now. I am still in pain. I have pain under my left arm when I try to raise it. I vain pops out and I feel a burning sensation in my arm. The appearance of the breasts was not what I was looking for. The doctor never removed my bandages. I was told that I could do it myself by the nurses.

Dr Pitch is a nightmare!!! I also had surgery from him. He doesn't care what your outcome is. He is unprofessional and SCARY! He doesn't take his time and everything he does is rushed and only for money. He ruined my life!! He DESTROYED my face and I will never be pretty again!
Hi there how do u find before after photos of pongsatorn
Can you confirm which hospital it was done - was it PIAC
Dr. Pitch (Yanhee)

Rushed consultation, inadequate English, lack of availability of range of implant sizes, no before and after pictures shown, holes/stains on hospital walls, ants in hospital, provided no after-care instructions, did not remove bandages (had to self-remove), hospital bedding and care was poor, results were not what I was asking for, and amount of pain/recovery time was significantly greater than first surgery.

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