Overcorrection of Asymetry Now my Left Boob is Way Bigger Than my Right - Atlanta, GA

March 29 ba revision and I got 425cc in right and...

March 29 ba revision and I got 425cc in right and 475cc in left Silicone Submuscular conversion. I orginally had saline implants above the muscle for 18 years. I loved my boobs for 18 years and now I hate them. It's so sad cause I should have let well enough alone. My first ba was perfect and my boobs were soft, bouncy, and no one ever even ask me if I had a ba. Noone even suspected they were not real. I think it might be bc I got High Profile this time and also bc my PS way overcorrected the mild asymetry that I had. I have never even heard of anyone, not even women with major asymetry problems having 50cc difference in their implants!! Therefore, they are completely two different sizes, the left one is way higher than the right, and bc they are high profile they look so fake and they are hard, not soft at all. Hate hate them, they are the opposite of sexy, literally. it's been 6 weeks so im screwed

So Im learning a lot through this journey bc now...

So Im learning a lot through this journey bc now my right breast is larger than the left! I have no idea how this will turn out, woke up with severe swelling of right 6 weeks post op and I think a blood vessel busted...now it is getting hard so I am afraid of contracture bc there could have been blood from a busted blood vessel.. I am hoping it will all work out since I was very wrong about the assymetry as now the right one is bigger?? go figure??
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without going into the whole long story, the PS tried to sale me gigantic 650cc implants and I had to demand smaller implants. this was one hour before my surgery and I should have walked out but i had went thru so much trouble and already paid them. wish so bad i would have walked out, i am so unhappy cry all the time about this.

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How are you doing?
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I'm glad you are looking for a new PS! I'm confidant that you will find one that can help you. Please keep us posted.
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I'm so sorry you are going through this! I really hope you get this fixed. I hate when women have to demand revisions! I'm getting a slight revision done in about 5 months. I did get almost 100cc more in my right but I was so uneven. My size looks good its the shape of my left areola that was kind of oblong and I'm also getting both areolas raised. Please keep us posted on your journey, I really hope you can get eveything resolved.
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Yea, u r so right, we have to demand a revision and basically beg them to "allow" us to pay them more money for what they screwed up in the first place. It feels like buying a used car...I am looking for a FEMALE PS to do my revision
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Hi Can you share who is the surgeon?
That others must be careful Not go to him?

I hope your breasts are better Now ...
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I will give him one more chance to correct this ugly nitmare and if he does not, the whole freakin world will hear and see what he did to me! I am posting pics today
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Argh! I'm sorry about your revision results. They still can drop and change, though. Have you talked to your surgeon about your unhappiness?

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That's the worst part is Ive talked with him several times, basically I told him that hello, just look at the two completely different sizes they are dude. Wait till you see this. I am posting my before pics (which is with Saline above the muscle) most perfect pair of boobs ever....then my after now....ugly nitmare. Also, they are too big only bc they are high profile and my muscle squishes the implant so hard that it makes them feel really hard and makes my nipples flat like from where it squishes so tight...this is crazy
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sorry, ps does not "agree" with me! so his opinion that they are just fine is more important than mine...end of story...next customer
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I'm so sorry this happened to you! I'm 3 weeks today and I'm not 100% happy right now. do you think time will make it better. I have already changed so much and am hoping they will keep changing. I'm still high and they have that odd loaf of bread shape still. I hope that you can get this resolved. Will your PS do a revision or are you totally done with him? There are some wonderful PS put there that do great revisions. I hope things turn out well for you, stay strong and keep us posted.
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Well, got some good news there do seem to be fluffing out some and getting just a wee bit softer. I am at almost 6 weeks now. But, they still don't feel as soft as my saline/above the muscle. My lesson here is that above the muscle is better as I should have stayed in the same plan, but just changed to silicone and I think I would have been fine. Also, I should have not gone with High Profile. My doctor still would have caused me to be asymmetrical though. So, now I think I'm stuck with under the muscle, which looks wierd when flexing, my above muscle never did that. They were perfect other than tiny bit of ripples bc of the saline
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I have a grade II contracture at only 6 weeks post op, this is supposedly so rare. My PS keeps saying NO to any revision! I am telling him over and over how much I hate them and he says well, maybe in 6 months or more, but I would highly recommend you just leave them alone and get no more surgeries. So, it makes me wish I could stick two hard baseballs under his chest muscles and then have every one in the office tell him how great they look...lololo. I cry everyday and can't believe I have to live with this.
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Hello, i can completely relate to ur situation. I am 10 wks post revision. I had saline implants 380/400cc above the muscle & loved them! 6yrs post BA,, i developed rippling, encapsulation & bottomed out. Did a revision with silicon under the muscle 375cc bilateral & hate them! I too cry & always very sad about it all the time. I wanted the same look and projection as i had and my PS wouldn't listen to me and made me smaller. No lift was done & i sag a lot as well. They are very very soft, but over all hate the look. I will be doing a revision. my dr said after 6mos. Unfortunately bcuz she didnt listen to my needs & knew i was severely unhappy, i will have to pay for new implants, but she is waiving her cost. I'm counting down the days. Hang in there!
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