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On Roaccutane Since Last 18days - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Acne has been bothering me since my school days,am...

Acne has been bothering me since my school days,am 27 now. Have tried out everything from Ayurvedic medicines to Benzac gel to Adapelene. Even tried chemical peel,dermabrasion & what not.Nothing seems to have a long lasting effect.Now on accutane. 1st week ws fine,frm 2nd week breakouts startd:(((((

Hi ther..its almost 45days since on Roaccutane. So...

Hi ther..its almost 45days since on Roaccutane. So far feel that its working well..Last week had some pain on my lower legs, nt sure of its coz of taking accutane..now the pain is no more..
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Now its almost a month since the treatment startd. No more get huge bumps on face,rather get small red ones.today i got an appointment with the skin doc..So far am happy with roaccutane. Dry skin is still a concern,but dat is manageable.
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Great, it sounds like good progress especially after just 1 month!! Let us know how things continue to go.

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Awe, sorry to hear you are going through the "worse before better" stage. :( That can be hard to deal with when you already feel self conscious about your skin.

Here are a couple of Q&As to show that you are not alone with that:

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Is the increase in acne the only side effect you are noticing at this point?

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Hi Megan..thanks a ton 4 ur reply!!!Yeah apart frm the few breakouts(jus have 1 now)dry skin & chapped lips are the only issues i face aftr taking roaccutane. Moreover am on 20mg & 10mg so i guess the side effects wud b less. I got my 2nd visit to doc next week. Just wanted to mention a point-even before taking roaccutane i hardly get many breakouts at the same time,its like 1 is fresh it dries up & then aftr few days i get anothr 1. Its kinda nevr ending. Hardly will there be a time wen ther wont b a single acne on my face.As a result of suffering frm acne for the last 9years,scars r something wich is more noticeable on my face. Will scars fade off with roaccutane??
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From what I understand, the roaccutane won't help address scarring issues. Here is a Q&A where the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf have offered some options to consider to treat the scars:

Post Accutane, Have Scars Left on My Face. What Are My Options?

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Hello Megan My treatment wit accutane is going wel. On my last visit to the doc, she said i will have to take accutane for more than 6 months. I was waiting to get done with accutane, so that i can conceive. Is thers any calculator to determine how long roaccutane has to be taken? Am currently on 20mg & 10mg everyday & i weigh 65kgs.
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Hmm, I don't know about any calculators and from what I understand its going to vary somewhat from person to person, but here is some info that might help give you a better idea of the length of time that is common:

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How Long Should I Wait After Stopping Accutane to Get Pregnant?

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Thanks Megan!!! On my last visit i saw the doc doing some calculations on a calculator kinda thing..may b she was calculating my current consumption of accutane & how much wud i need to stop wit the treatment.
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Huh, could be. If you feel comfortable, ask her on your next appointment because I'd love to know as well. :)

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