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5 Years Later and I Am Still Seeing the Benefits!

** Please note that I put $20.00 in the box...

** Please note that I put $20.00 in the box because the field was required. I am not really sure how much the cost was. I think it was covered by my family's insurance**

I took accutane when I was in my late teens for very severe acne on my back. I had tried every possible topical remedy, had taken oral anti-biotics, and had tried all sorts of different vitamins. I ate healthy and had no acne on my face, but for some reason my back and chest would break out very very badly. I felt extremely self conscious about this and would avoid swimming, and was very limited in the kinds of clothes that I could wear.

My doctor did not initially want to give me accutane until we had exhausted all other options, and he did not feel that my acne was severe enough since it was not on my face. In all reality, I know that there are people who have much, much worse acne than I had, but still, having large, painful bumps, greasy skin and pimples, even on your back, is not fun...especially in the summer time!

I can't remember exactly what dosage I took because it was a little while ago. I think my doctor gave me a mild one, because I did not really have any of the negative side effects that are often associated with accutane (extremely dry skin, chapped lips etc). My skin and lips were a little dryer than normal, but not that much. Within a couple of months, my back was completely healed, and it has never come back!!

There were some cons, like having to get monthly blood tests, and there are also serious birth defects, but I was not sexually active so I did not have to worry about that. However, I do still worry a little bit about my future children that I hope to have one day...part of me worries that there might be some medication left in my system. They tell you to wait a certain period of time after getting off of accutane before becoming pregnant. I would probably wait longer than they suggested, just to be safe.

Also, it is mandatory that if you are sexually active, you get on to some kind of birth control while on accutane.

But anyways, this was one of the best things I ever did, and I really mean that. When I think about that acne problem that affected me for almost my whole teenage life, it seems like a dream (or nightmare). It just doesn't seem real now when I look at my clean and clear back. I used to hate my back and chest because there were so many huge red lumps covering it, but now that they are gone I'm able to appreciate my body and my skin!!

I would do a lot of research and make sure that you are getting the right dosage for you. As I mentioned, I think my dosage was relatively low and it worked amazingly well for me.

Because of the serious risks I would still try all other options before using accutane. But if nothing is working for you, this is definitely an option to try!

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