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How Long Does Swelling Last After Breast Augmentation?

I understand it is normal for one breast to swell more then the other, but the breast that is swelling more happens to be the one that had more CC's put into it. This makes me a little nervous. How long can I expect for them to match up.

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Swelling after breast augmentation


Here again, everyone is different, and so you are likely to get a lot of different answers about swelling after breast augmentation.  Swelling following sub-muscular breast augmentation will likely last longer and be more significant- it is also often worse on the side of your dominant hand since this muscle is often bigger.  Swelling is certainly worst during the first two weeks following surgery, but can resolve very slowly after that, especially if you are very active.

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You will have to wait until 3 months after surgery to determine if your breast size difference is due to swelling.


It is more common then not for one breast to be more swollen then the other following a breast augmentation. When you have arrived at the three month interval after surgery you can assume that the swelling in both breasts have resolved. Any difference in breast size present at three months will remain permanently and generally requires a surgical revision to alter.

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Uneven swelling after breast augmentation


It is not uncommon to have some difference in swelling, say 10-15%.  Significant swelling may mean a seroma or fluid collection.  I would recommend seeing your plastic surgeon for follow-up if it continues to be significant.  I tell my patients I don't take post-op photos for 3 months to allow everything to heal.

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Uneven swelling of breasts following augmentation with implants


I am aware of studies that show that your breasts may retain as much as 10% more than their final size for as long as 9 months after surgery. However, if you suddenly note more swelling on one breast more than the other, you should notify your surgeon.

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Breast Swelling with differently filled Breast Implants


All surgery is associated with swelling. Swelling after breast augmentation depends on HOW traumatically the surgery was performed (bluntly (more traumatic) VS sharply-cautery (less swelling)) is usually largely resolve by 3-6 weeks after surgery. The swelling is rarely asymmetric and large breast asymmetry should be evaluated for the surgeon for possible blood or fluid collection.

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Breast Swelling Post Op


I generally tell my patients that notable swelling usually lasts about 4 weeks.  It is not really until about 4 months time before the implants settle and you are able to really appreciate the final result.

You need to be patient at this point and wait to see how things look when you are about 4 months out from surgery.  There may be nothing to worry about then.

Good luck.

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