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Sports Bra Too Tight After Breast Augmentation?

Hi I am a week post op breast augmentation, I was a 34AA and had 350cc implants. I bought a sports bra LARGE and I'm a little worried that it is too tight because my nipples are sensitive and there is a slight indentation on the top of my breasts. Is this pressure affecting my final result? I was moving around a lot today and moving my arms, my incisions are under my breasts and the left one showed a little bit of fresh blood, should I be worried that I did too much and hurt myself?

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Compression after breast augmentation, its a good thing.


In my opinion, the feelings that you are experiencing are completely normal. One week post surgery from a breast augmentation will inevitably leave your nipples feeling very sensitive or numb. Don't worry about this, as it is fairly typical. Part of the tightness you are feeling is due to your skin being stretched by the implant and the swelling from the surgery itself,more than your support garment. I must emphasize the importance of the garment you are wearing to be a compression type garment. The snug fit, although perhaps slightly uncomfortable, is truly beneficial post augmentation. This sports bra or compression garment helps you to heal faster and more safely. the pressure is to help things to heal in the proper place, and to keep tiny blood vessels from rupturing. It is imperative to take it easy for the first 6 weeks post surgery. A very small amount of blood by the incision site may not be anything to be greatly alarmed by, but you should by all means take your worry as a sign to slow down temporarily so that your body can heal as quickly and as fully as it should.

Lastly, if there is anything you feel uncertain about, you should follow up with your doctor, as he will best direct you concerning these issues.

Dr. Manolis

Orland Park Plastic Surgeon
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Surgical Bra After Breast Augmentation


If the bra is uncomfortable, consider increasing the bra by one size, especially in your immediate postop period when you are the most swollen.  The nipples are almost always going to be hypersensitive no matter which bra you are in.  But if the bra is snug and it is not uncomfortable, I would recommend using it because a tighter fit will reduce bruising, swelling, and help facilitate a faster recovery.  I hope that helps! Tripti Burt, MD

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Sports Bra Too Tight After Breast Augmentation?


If there is any question, and since you bought this on your own, consider running by the surgeon's office to check for appropriate fit.

The bra should be snug--its purpose it to maintain the position of the implant and often to push downward on the implant. Having hypersensitive nipples is quite common, and not indicative of too tight a brassiere. 

Without a photo I am not sure of the nature of the indentation, but if it is caused by the bra, checking in out with your surgeon makes sense.

Thanks for the question, and best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Sports Bra after Augmentation


I think a snug bra is helpful in the early postoperative period to help maintain the position of your implant and to help minimize swelling.     The nipple sensation will improve as the swelling resolves.  

I would be careful with your arm range of motion if your incisions are starting to bleed again.   This may be too much activity.   


Keep in close contact with your plastic surgeon and I wish you a safe and healthy recovery.

Dr. Gill

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Appropriate Postoperative Garments


The first point of emphasis is that your PS and his/her staff should recommend or supply you with the appropriate  bra. If they did not and you purchased one on your own take the garment over to the office and show the fit to your PS. Concerning the incisions sometimes padding them with a sanitary napkin will protect them and catch any drainage that might occur.


Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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