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On a sliding genioplasty to increase vertical height as 5 mm What is the best material or type of graft for this?

on a sliding genioplasty to increase vertical height as 5 mm Bone grafts oneself. hip or skull? -graft bovine -some doctors use chin implants, as padding between the bones. (I'm not sure how this works) -hydoxyapatite block I have read that the best graft is self but some doctors tell me that alg hip graft is unpredictable and can change shape in the recovery or over time Are artificilaes grafts or biomaterials something healthy? What is the best material or type of graft for this?

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Chin graft

It is critical to know 'why' you need a 'height increase' as well, since the overall facial proportions also determine the best approach.

However, Hydroxylapatite has been valuable for many many years and avoids the added surgical site for securing your own bone. IF the amount of change is small, tilting the chin segment and using a small piece of bone from the jawline works well. The chin area heals ideally due to the extensive blood supply; so many things work well.

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No Graft/Implant Needed for 5mm Vertical Chin Elongation

Usually when increasing the vertical chin height by a chin osteotomy of only 5mms, no interpositional graft is needed. The plates and screws fixation will hold the bones apart as they heal the bone gap. Interpositional grafts are usually only used when the vertical elongation is greater and associated with a forward positioning of the chin bone as well.

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Bone is always best

Bone grafts are natural tissue that can heal and remodel. Bone is always best. For small moves, bone isn't always required, but I would only use bone (from the hip) if it was needed.

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