Sharp, Electric Shock-Like Pains After Breast Augmentation

I had my breast implants done 3 days ago and beginning the second day (after the anesthesia wore off), I started to feel a very sharp pain like an electrical shock on my left breast. The pain occurs mostly from waking up in the morning or from a nap.My right breast feels perfectly fine. What's causing this?

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Pain after breast augmentation

Kendra Lee
After any surgery, it is normal to have pain and discomfort.  Whenever nerves are cut, they have raw nerve endings that need to heal.  While they are healing, these raw endings spontaneously fire signals to the brain that can be perceived as anything from an itch to stabbing pain to burning sensation.  These feelings should subside as the nerve endings heal.  If this is causing you excessive amount of discomfort or if this persists for a long time, you should let your surgeon know and he / she can prescribe you some medication for nerve pain.
Martin Jugenburg, MD

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Sharp Pains after Breast Augmentation

This is a perfectly normal feeling post-surgery.  It is caused by the nerves regenerating and is only temporary. 

Robert N. Young, MD, FACS
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Pains after augmentation

Patients may experience many different types of pain after surgery. What you describe is not uncommon following breast augmentation. In particular, sharp intermittent pains often times are nerve pains from stretching. These typically subside as the breast tissue adjusts to the implant size.

David Bogue, MD
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"Electrical" pains are usually due to nerves healing

It sounds like you are having some normal variation of pain during your very early recovery after breast augmentation. Those nerves will sort themselves out over the coming months, and those pains should lessen. If not, please discuss with your surgeon.

Carmen Kavali, MD
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Pain after Breast Augmentation

It is perfectly normal to be having pain at this point. It never fails that one side hurts more despite the same surgery on each side. Our bodies are naturally asymmetric. Sharp shooting pain like you describe is typically nerve pain. This can result from pressure on a nerve, or  irritation from the surgery on a nerve. Nerve pain generally takes a long time to resolve so be patient.

Electrical Pain after Breast Augmentation

I find this to be an extremely common complaint.I think that it’s partly related to the fact that swelling often accumulates along the sides of the breasts when you are sleeping, because it is the most dependent (lowest) area.It could also be related to the fact that a lot of the nerve input to the breast comes from the sides, and the nerves get irritated due to the surgery.Rest assured, however, that this will subside.For most of my patients, this resolves within 1 to 2 weeks.

Breast pains: electrical shocks following implants

It is not unusual to have sharp electrical pains on one side and not the other due to nerve irritation or compression (neuropraxia).

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Shocking Breast Augmentation

Different types of nerve sensations are not uncommon after breast augmentation surgery. Early on it represents nerve irritation from the surgery.  These sensations will resolve over time.

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