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Can You Have a Baby After a Tummy Tuck?

How long after a tummy tuck and body sculpting can another baby be planned? I am a single mom who is scheduled on June 23rd for a tummy tuck and body sculpting. I would like to know how long I should wait till it's safe, in case I decide to remarry and have another child.

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The body is smarter than the Doctor


Thanks for your question

Yes you can have a child even if you've already had a tummy tuck.  The hormones of pregnancy will once again allow the abdominal wall muscles to stretch during childbearing.  I think it would be important that you let your obstetrician know that you have had a tummy tuck just in case you need a c section.

I would wait at least six months or more after surgery before getting pregnant but frankly if you're thinking of getting pregnant within six months after your tummy tuck it would probably make more sense to have your tummy tightened after your pregnancy.  If you do it before your pregnancy there's a pretty good chance you may want another tummy tuck.

I know that it's a difficult deision as a single mom because feeling good about yourself can certainly make it easier to find a new partner.

Good luck with your surgery.




Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck before delivery of baby/second pregnancy


It is possible to have another baby after a tummy tuck and body sculpting. The earliest I would recommend becoming pregnant is six months after your surgery.

However, that being said, I highly recommend waiting to have a tummy tuck until after you have finished having your children.  Pregnancy streches out your rectus abdominus muscles which are tightened during tummy tuck surgery, as well as your skin which has been molded and trimmed to fit your new contour.  A second pregnancy will undo all the work your plastic surgeon has done.  Your pregancy and delivery of the baby will not be affected, and it is possible to have your tummy touched up after the delivery.  But there is the chance you may have to have the entire tummy tuck performed a second time.

The body sculpting/liposuction procedure will not be affected by your pregancy.

Washington Plastic Surgeon
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Babies after a tummy tuck are great!


I happen to do a lot of tummy tucks in my practice and I've had several women get pregnant afterwards.  The baby's have all been fine and I have NEVER needed to touch anybody up. 

I will admit that during the pregnancy they seem to carry a little higher in the abdomen, but when all is said and done they still look great a year after the baby is born. I had one woman ask for liposuction in the flank area, but that has nothing to do with the tummy tuck - that's just a little baby fat left over after the fact.

In my opinion there is nothing better than having kids.  Enjoy your pregnancy!  Enjoy your family!

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Baby after tummy tuck.


Yes, you can have a baby after a tummy tuck.  I have had two patients that have (that I know of) become pregnant after a tummy tuck.  Though we advise patients to wait until after their tummy tuck to conceive, sometimes patients have a change of mind.  With this, I have noot seen any problems, other than some mild reurrent laxity.  Both patients still looked better after delivery that they did before their tummy tuck!

Greenville Plastic Surgeon
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Baby after tummy tuck


You may certainly have a child after having a tummy tuck.  There is no reason to delay your tummy tuck, particularly if another pregnancy isn't imminent.  I would wait at least until you're fully healed after your tummy tuck, a minimum of 4-6 months.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Is it safe to have a baby after tummy tuck


It sounds like you are not thinking of having children in the near future and want to enjoy the benefits of your tummy tuck since you are currently single. It seems that 99 out of 100 plastic surgeons would agree that having children after a tummy tuck is safe but ask "why would you do that, because you are going to stretch out again". After you are healed from the tummy tuck, say 4-6 months, it would certainly be OK from the safety point of view, but obviously if you were going to get pregnant that soon after having the procedure, you would just postpone it until after.  The beauty of a tummy tuck and liposuction is how good you look. The difference between before and after can be life-changing.  I see no reason to deny yourself that if you don't really know when or if you will be having more children.  Just be honest with yourself: you may need a revision.  If you can accept that, then why not have the procedure?  If you are already in a relationship that may result in more children you would likely just want to wait until that issue is clarified.

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Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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For Lasting Results you should have a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) AFTER completing your family

Respectfully, it sounds like you are misinformed on the topic of Tummy Tuck. The process of pregnancy involves tremendous expansion of the abdomen as the uterus goes from the size of a lemon to that of a large watermelon. This results not only in a sideways PERMANENT splitting of the 6 pack (rectus) muscles but astretching out andexpansion of the muscles andthe overlying skin. As a result, to reverse these changes the muscles need to be put together and the excess skin removed. If you were to become pregnant again after the repair, much of the repair, if not all, will be stretched out andreversed by the pregnancy. For this reason you really should have this operation AFTER you are done having children. Dr. Peter Aldea
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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It's best to wait until after your family is complete to have a Tummy Tuck, BUT...


Hi there-

Generally speaking, it is definitely in your best interests to avoid having to have two operations when one would suffice...

This is the central principle guiding the answers of my colleagues below- if you think that you may have more children, wait until after the last pregnancy (or until you are confident that you will have no more) to pursue a tummy tuck.

Becoming pregnant after your tummy tuck may necessitate having the operation re-done, at your repeat expense and risk (the risk is not greater the second time, but it is a second operation).

On the other hand, I think I see where you are coming from- you're a single mom and would like to maximize your appearance NOW...

It's not fair for us as plastic surgeons to say you should never date again, or that even though you are self conscious about your appearance you should not do anything about it until after your last child.

You as an individual need to weigh the benefits and the risks of proceeding with body contour improvement now versus waiting...

The benefits of proceeding now are that you will achieve the look you want sooner, be less self-conscious, and more confident as you re-enter the dating scene. The risks (aside from the risks of the operation in general) are that if you have another baby you may need to have the operation done again. Only you can decide whether this risk is worth it for you.

I would add that the benefit would seem more worthwhile the longer you might enjoy it- in other words, if you know that it will be 6-8 years before you become pregnant again, the benefit of looking good now may be more worth the risk of having a second operation than if you think it will only be 2 years before you have your next baby.

Give all of this your consideration, and when you're ready, be sure to see only a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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No No No


I do not recommend having a TT unless you are finished with childbearing.  It is safe to become pregnant after a TT, but the majority of the correction will be lost.  You will be left with a long scar and a pouchy abdomen, secondary TT after pregnancy are not easy and the results are suboptimal.  Just say NO!

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Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Baby after a tummy tuck


Typically women come in after having completed their family to have their abdominoplasty.  A tummy tuck is usually in two parts with a removal of the excess tissue and a reconstruction of the muscles of the abdominal wall.  Of course you can have another baby after this.  However, a pregnancy after an abdominoplasty can have significant adverse effects on the result which can include more bulging and excess tissue in the area.  You should way these risks before getting pregnant again.

Wishing you the best.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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