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Does Sneezing or Coughing Affect Tummy Tuck Sutures?

How does coughing or sneezing affect one's sutures after a Tummy Tuck?

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Sneezing and coughing a bit painful after tummy tuck, and best to minimize if possible

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After a tummy tuck, you will feel a sharp and burning pain when and if you sneeze and/or cough, for a few weeks after surgery. This is normal, expected, and caused by a stretching of the sutures placed in your muscle layer that occurs with the act of coughing and sneezing. I usually advise my patients to keep a pillow handy, and when they feel a sneeze or cough coming on, place it over the abdomen and press inward with your arms, to minimize the stretching effect of the sneeze or cough. In most cases, the minor stretching caused does no harm to you or the outcome from your surgery.

Rarely, if coughing and/or sneezing is prolonged and/or particularly forceful, it is possible that you could rupture your suture line- this would require another procedure to repair the muscle layer. It's best, therefore, to minimize this risk by using the pillow technique described, not having this procedure if you've been ill, and taking medications for sneezing and coughing if you become ill after the surgery during the recovery period.

I hope that answered your question.

Don't hold it in

Believe it or not sneezing can develop a lot of force. Sneezing is an involuntary action. It is best to not hold it in. You can generate a lot of force by trying to stop a sneeze.

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Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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