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Will I Be Able to Play Contact Sports After a Rhinoplasty ?

If yes,how long do I have to wait for ? Will my nose be more vulnerable to fracture again ? I don't play violent sports like boxing,I play mostly soccer and basketball and that's how I broke my nose and got crooked. P.S. I don't want any tip work or removal of the hump , I only want to straighten my nose (bones).Also as my ENT doctor said I don't really need septoplasty.

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Contact sports after rhinoplasty

Contact sports should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks after rhinoplasty.  Patients are not permitted to exercise for at least 2 weeks after the rhinoplasty to prevent a nosebleed from occurring.

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Okay to return to sports six weeks after rhinoplasty.

Dear RJason;

If you are at risk for injuries from contact sports, I am not sure you want to take a chance of another injury whether it is six weeks or two years.  A face mask or nose guard is appropriate, and they are certainly available; professional athletes use them after they have had nasal injuries

Soccer and basketball are two of the sports that most commonly cause broken noses.  Even though you only want to straighten your nose, the bones will have to be moved and your nose will be not yet hardened until about six weeks after; it could even be eight weeks.  Your plastic surgeon will decide with you when the time is appropriate to return.

As far as not needing a septoplasty: if the nose is crooked certainly a septoplasty must be considered because typically, "As the septum goes, so goes the nose."

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Will I Be Able to Play Contact Sports After a Rhinoplasty ?

  Rhinoplasty to break the nasal bones toward the midline will take about 1 month for the nasal bones to set.  I'd ask my Rhinoplasty patients to avoid those types of sports for 3 months after the Rhinoplasty.  Technically, your nose will always be more susceptible to fracture again but this will still take significant nasal trauma.

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Playing sports again after rhinoplasty

After undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, you should wait at least two weeks before exercising and about two months before your nose gets bumped in contact sports. That being said I do not believe your nose is any more susceptible to injury than it would be prior to the injury. However, additional breaks can make the repair surgery less predictable.

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Contact Sports after Rhinoplasty?

Thank you for the question.

I would suggest you wait at least 2-3 months before resuming contact sports. Use protective gear if possible initially.

Best wishes.

Playing Contact Sports after Repairing Your Broken Nose with a Rhinoplasty

YES, you will be able to play contact sports after a Rhinoplasty; HOWEVER, you need to be careful. You should not participate in activities that will increase your heart rate tremendously such as running, cycling, or aerobic activities for at least four weeks after your surgery.  This is so that you do not prolong your swelling. Also, you should avoid any contact sports for six weeks because it takes that long for your nose to completely heal.  I highly recommend that for the first few months after your Rhinoplasty that you wear a nose guard when playing soccer and basketball.  There is a very high chance that you will get hit with the ball in the face, and yes you can break your nose again.  Each time you break your nose you are building up scar tissue inside and this will make it harder to repair and it may not heal as well.

Will I Be Able to Play Contact Sports After a Rhinoplasty ?

Unless you area a professional player most patients wait for 6 to 8 weeks before starting "contact" sports. 

Nose surgery and sports


  The amount of time away from activity and contact sports should be determined by your surgeon.  They will have specific knowledge about your condition, how well the procedure went, and how well you are healing.  That being said, generally speaking the recommended time away from contact sports will be 3-6 weeks. 

Hope this helps.


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Rhinoplasty and sports

Contact sports can be played after rhinoplasty but you should realy wait about 6-8 weeks.  Obviously if you take a hit to the nose, there is a risk it could break again.

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Rhinoplasty and basketball

The nasal bones a fairly solid after two weeks. As far as basketball it is common to use a plastic faceguardfor several additional weeks at a minimum. I am fairly certain you have seen some players wearing these in college and the NBA. With basketball you can take an elbow to the nose so I recommend my patients in college get fitted for a face-mask for at least one month after the injury.

Jay M. Pensler, MD
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