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How Do You Know if a Nerve Was Hit During the Miradry Procedure?

I had Miradry performed 3 days ago. I still have numbness in both pits which is normal. However, the inside of my left arm from my pit through my bicept down to the inside of my forearm to my still numb and has not gotten any better. I would greatly appreciate any information on what has happened to me and if/when it will get better.

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MiraDry is safe - machine is reprogrammed by the company to minimize the risk of nerve injury


Even at maximal doses (level 5), the risk of injury is very very small. As a matter of fact, Miramar Labs that manufactures the machine has reprogrammed it to automatically deliver less energy at the tail end of the treatment grid to reduce the likelihood of nerve injury in thin patients.

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Numbness after MiraDry


Anon, although MiraDry is a non-invasive device, it works by heating the armpit tissue at the level where the sweat glands live.  You may also get some collateral injury to the sensory nerves, but this is usually temporary.  There is a nerve that courses through the armpit and provides sensation to the inner arm region.  This should heal with time (weeks-to-months), but I would definitely let your physician know what you are experiencing.

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Numbness after miraDry Is Temporary


Dear anon,

MiraDry is a very safe and effective, non-invasive treatment for excessive underarm sweating.

After the procedure, common side effects include bruising, swelling, and temporary numbness and tingling of the underarms. Very rarely (a few per thousand cases), temporary numbness or tingling of the arms extending beyond the axilla occurs. In these situations, the numbness typically disappears within several weeks to months. Please be sure to maintain contact with your miraDry physician.

I hope this helps.

Warmest wishes,

Larry Fan, MD 

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Nerve related symptoms have been reported to be temporary


numbness and tingling sensations are rare but temporary side effects that are associated with the miradry procedure.  No permanent nerve related side effects have been reported as a result of the miradry procedure.

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Numbness after miraDry treament is temporary


Do not be alarmed. Although numbness extending beyond the underarm after treatment is unusual, it has been seen in a few people out of the thousands treated worldwide. Numbness after miraDry is temporary. Rarely, a small sensory nerve in the underarm is irritated by the energy used to eliminate sweat glands. Typically the numbness improves within a few weeks. No treatment is needed. Please do stay in touch with your treating physician until this resolves.

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