1 Month Post Op - Massaging FTT/MR Scar and Heard a LOUD Pop

Hello! I am almost 5 weeks PO from a Full Tummy Tuck w/ Muscle Repair and I was instructed by my doctor to massage my scar as I had some hard spots of fat nacrosis near my pubic line. Last night I was massaging the scar and next thing you know I hear a LOUD pop in the area about my pubic bone. It almost sounded like I was popping buble wrap. There was no pain. I looked and saw nothing that looks different. Do you think it was an internal stich or that I messed up my TT? Thx so much!!!

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Popping sound with scar massage

5 weeks out and you are massaging the scar and you hear a POP.  One POP and no residual pain or deformity.  You messed up nothing.  It was, as you said, probably a stitch that popped.  It's not the first time that that has happened.  There are probably a hundred stitches in there.  One is usually inconsequential.

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