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How Soon After Surgery Can I Start Scar Treatment?

I'm 17 days post op from. TT and BA. I Want to start using silicone sheeting I'm my.TT scar. How soon can I start? I did not have steri strips. My PS used stitches. I'm not doing anything with the scar except cleaning and putting ointment on it.

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How Soon After Surgery Can I Start Scar Treatment?


I rarely recommend scar treatments to my patients.

There is little or no evidence that they work.

The various silicone products may slightly speed up scar maturation but I don't believe they are worth the time or expense in most cases.

They serve mainly to give people something to do while Mother Nature goes about her work. She takes at least a year and, depending on the skin type, two years or more to produce the final scar result.

The only exceptions would be in those patients who have a history of abnormal scarring, or in those where the scars are still thicker or redder than they should be for that stage of healing. In these cases modalities such as silicone sheeting or laser may be appropriate.

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Tummy tuck scar treatment options


all wounds go through several stages of healing. There is no benefit of apply any "scar treatments" until after scars start to contract which is about 4 weeks. until then it is best to keep the skin well hydrated and moisterized.

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Timing of scar treatment after TT.


If I have a concern that a patient of mine may get an active, raised scar after TT or Breast augmentation, I will start using silicone sheeting early, at about 5-7 days, after surgery.  The wound only needs to be closed for the sheeting to be placed on.  There is little downside to this besides some minor skin irritation from increased moisture beneath the sheeting.

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How Soon After Surgery Can I Start Scar Treatment?


As soon as your wound is no longer having any drainage you may start using topical scar creams as well as silastic sheeting. Watch out for any signs of skin maceration that may be caused by excess moisture under the silastic. Good luck!

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Scar Treatment after Surgery


I recommend to my patients to begin using some kind of scar treatment within 2 weeks after surgery. Some patients use silicone sheeting because this treatment has been shown to decrease keloids or raised scars. Scar creams such as Biocorneum and Mederma have also been shown to decrease the color and help to lighten the scar quicker than doing nothing.

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Scar Treatment


In most cases, I suggest patients wait about a week before starting any specific scar treatment.  Silicone sheets can be used as well as Maderma, ScarGuard or other similar products.  However, you should discuss any scar treatment with your plastic surgeon.  I had a patient who had a persistently irritated incision and I found out she was using Tea Tree and Garlic Oil on the incision.  Within a few days of stopping these self-prescribed treatments, the patient's incisions showed a remarkable improvement.


Good Luck.

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When to start scar treatment following tummy tuck surgery


You should inquire of your plastic surgeon when to begin with the silicone gel sheeting for scar treatment as he/she was the operating surgeon. In general, my recommendation is to start at around 3 - 4 weeks postoperatively asl long as your wounds are "healed".

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As soon as all the scabs are gone


 Scar formation is the end result of healing process. You can start scar treatment as soon as the surgical incisions are completely healed. Make sure to talk to your surgeon during the follow up visit if you are ready to start recommended treatment. There are many products that can be used to reduce the appearance of the scar. There are special creams, silicone gels and silicone strips that help to soften, smooth the scar, and improve its color and texture. It is important to use the products under the physician’s supervision. Avoid exposing the scar to the sun for at least 6 months.

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Scar treatment after surgery


I recommend starting scar treatment 10 days after the surgery, as long as the scars are healed and there are no open areas.

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Ideal timing for scar treatment

Once your wounds are fully sealed you can start applying various treatments. However, whether you start a few days or a couple of weeks after surgery will make little difference on the final outcome. In the initial days after surgery you want to keep your wounds clean to avoid infection, and avoid tension to keep the scar nice and thin. After that initial period scar treatments help to keep the scar from rising and widening. Silicone has been shown to be effective. In my patients I found BioOil to be very good.
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