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Massaging and Molding Juvederm Lips. Have I Ruined my Lips?

I had Juverderm injected into my upper and lower lips. As my doc molded and smoothed my lips I could have sworn he told me I could do the same as long as the numbness wore off. When one side of my upper lip blew up like a baloon, from that part of my lip to nose turned purple I started molding out lumps a few times hour. even when i feel little ones form in my perfect lower lips.Ive been doing some research and learned self molding is a big NO NO. Have I ruined my lips? has the Juvederm moved?

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Molding after juvederm

You probalby did not cause any problems if you were happy with the results and you just were trying to flatten ares that felt a bit lumpy.

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Hematoma after Juvederm injection.


It sounds like you had some bleeding on one side.  This almost always resolves.  Molding is certainly not a good idea, but you probably didn't do any damage.  See what you look like in 2 weeks.

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Self molding Juvederm or Restylane after filler injections

If you have a good aesthetic outcome, then you probably have not ruined anything. If you see a new lump in an area that wasn't injected, then maybe you squeezed the Juvederm into a different area, but it doesn't sound from what you mentioned that this is the case. Schedule a followup appointment with your doctor for reassurance.

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