Can Man Boobs Grow Back After Gynecomastia?

If I have a gynecomastia breast reduction for men, are the results permanent, or can the man boobs grow back?

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Can man boobs grow back after gynecomastia

Generally gynecomastia surgery will take care of the problem permanently. Weight gain, steroids, hormones, or other factors could contribute to a recurrence of gynecomastia. Find an excellent surgeon the first time around to help ensure the best result. 

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Gynecomastia recurrence

When gynecomastia is properly treated with removal of the involved tissue the risk of recurrence is very low. This risk may be greater if there are underlying conditions or medications which caused the condition originally. A thorough evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon should help in determining if further studies are needed or if consultation with other physicians would be required.

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Re-Growth Following Male Breast Reduction is Unusual


It’s unusual for patients to experience re-growth of breast tissue following surgical correction of gynecomastia. Even though re-growth is rare, it can occasionally occur and this may be for a variety of reasons.

It’s important to realize that when breast tissue is removed during surgery, some breast tissue and fat is always left behind. This residual breast tissue can be impacted by weight gain, hormonal imbalance, marijuana, alcohol, steroids, and a variety of drugs.

For these reasons, recurrent gynecomastia should be carefully evaluated to determine its cause. This may require consultation with an endocrinologist. In most cases, correction of the underlying cause will address the problem, but occasionally revisional surgery may be necessary. If recurrence of gynecomastia occurs, it’s important to discuss the problem with your plastic surgeon.

Although this problem is unusual, your surgeon should be able to make an appropriate recommendation.

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Can gynecomastia recur?


Gynecomastia which arises during puberty, does not typically recur after surgical correction in the absence of other inciting causes. If there is a significant fatty component, post-operative weight gain might result in some recurrence.  If the condition arose from use of medication or anabolic steroids, further use could lead to recurrence.  

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Male breasts returning after treatment for gynecomastia


most men have breast tissue and or fatty tissue removed to "reduce" the breasts.  If you gain weight or if the breast tissue was not removed, you may see the breasts reappear.  If any other stimulant is being used, like steroids, you may also see the breasts reappear.  For most men, the breasts do not return.

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Does Gynecomastia re-occur?


Familial gynecomastia where most of the male breast tissue is removed generally has long lasting results without recurrence as long as your weight remains the same. However, other causes of gynecomastia if still present can cause the residual breast tissue to grow again. For example THC (frequent use of marijuana), certain medications, hormonal imbalance, and other causes can make that happen

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Gynecomastia recurrence

If you undergo liposuction of the breasts for correction of gynecomastia and then gain weight, the condition can recur so it is important to maintain a stable weight. If you have resection of the glandular tissue, the condition should not recur unless there is a hormonal component which stimulates whatever breast tissue remains. It is important to rule out hormonal causes for gynecomastia and to see an endocrinologist prior to surgery if this is suspected.

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Is gynecomastia treatment permanent



If all of the glandular/fibrous tissue of gynecomastia is removed then the treatment is permanent.  If portions of the tissue are left behind and the source of the gynecomastia is continued (supplements, etc) then there is a chance for the gynecomastia to return.

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Gynecomastia results


Since breasts are made of fat and breast tissue, there is always a possibility that if you gain or lose weight – this may alter your breast volume after gynecomastia surgery. There are also certain drugs, legal and illegal, that can affect breast size. That being said, surgical results are usually long lasting and most men are very happy with their surgical outcome. Remember, a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise program are key to a patients overall success.

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