I Started Massaging Yesterday and my Breast Seem More Sore Today. Is That Normal?

I am 14 days post op today. i had my sutures removed yesterday and my PS showed me how to massage them. Of course im freaking out because i think im not doing it correctly because they seem sore today. Is that normal to feel sore after you start massaging? I know that they will be sore and swollen for a while, but I always seem to the think the worse is gonna happen...

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Early post-op breast augmentation


It is quite common to feel sore after a breast augmentation and certainly after initially massaging them.

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In our practice we do not tell our patients to message after breast augmentation. If your only 14 days out you should be very sore still it does take time 6-9 months to be exact.


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Soreness after breast massage is common


Only two weeks after breast augmentation the tissue is healing, and massaging is like exercising after a muscle strain. Soreness will follow. Try an antiinflammatory to settle things. We don't use massage, and you might ask if you need to continue as well.

Web reference: http://www.peterejohnsonmd.com

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Massage After Breast Augmentation


It is not abnormal for women to feel sore once they start massaging their breasts.  The tissues just need to get used to the motion while they are still recovering from the initial surgery.  At the two week mark, you should not be able to cause any damage internally, so do not be afraid to massage pretty firmly.  Most patients adjust to it pretty quickly and the discomofrt is gone after a few days.  The swelling can take anywhere form 1-3 months to fully go away and settle, so just be patient.  It sounds like you are right on track with everything.  I hope this helps.

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Soreness After Massage


Thank you for the question. This is very typical in the early post operative period. You are in the very early stages of healing and there is a significant amount of inflammation and scarring that is occuring in the surgical site. The massaging will irritate the area and cause the soreness you are experiencing.

This sensation should resolve in time. Be patient and most important, continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon. Good luck.

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More Sore after massage. Is That Normal?


This is common. Not only are you massaging the surgical area, you are using the pectoral muscles vigorously for the first time in two weeks. Any additional questions about technique would be best addressed to your surgeon's office, as we often use differing regimens for  massage.

Thanks and best wishes. 

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I Started Massaging Yesterday and my Breast Seem More Sore Today

Some soreness after massage is to be expected;  the use of anti-inflammatories, if okay with your plastic surgeon, may be helpful. Best wishes; hopefully you will be very pleased with the long-term outcome.

Web reference: http://www.poustiplasticsurgery.com/Procedures/Procedure_breastAugmentation.htm

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