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How Long Does It Usually Take to Wake Up from General Anesthesia if Going for a Mommy Makeover for 4 Hours?

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Waking From Anesthesia

Most patients will wake up within a few minutes of the completion of a Mommy Makeover. Generally as the final dressings are being placed, the anesthesiologist will lighten the anesthesia allowing the patient to gently begin to respond to verbal commands. Even though patients are awake and responding in the operating room, they may not remember this time as the medications given during the surgery will make them forgetful. Once patients are in the recovery room and less sleepy, they will be more aware of their surroundings.

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Time to wake up from anesthesia after a mommy makeover

Patients usually wake up from breast and abdominal surgery within a few minutes of the end of the case.

Modern outpatient anesthetics are very different from older techniques.  Quick emergence is the rule.  Pain pumps postoperatively reduce the amount of narcotics that tend to make patients sleepy and feel drugged.

Patients can help with their recovery by not drinking the night before surgery, by hydrating up until the time they need to be NPO, and by informing themselves thoroughly of what to expect after surgery.

We recommend in all mommy makeover patients to spend one or two nights in a postsurgical aftercare facility, both for their comfort and their safety.

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Waking up from surgery will vary

 The wake-up time after mommy make over is dependent on a number of different factors: These include length of surgery, type of anesthetic, use of intra-operative numbing medicine, the anesthesiologist and a patient's individual physiology.
 Typically longer surgeries require longer recoveries.  The more medicine that is given in the course of an operation the longer it may take for the body to process it and neutralize it to the point where patient wakes up.  What type of anesthetic used will greatly influence how long it takes to wake up after surgery.  There are IV and gas anesthetic agents, there are long-acting and short-acting agents, and there are how all these medicines are used together.  In the ideal situation once the anesthetic agent is turned off within 5-10 minutes of patient should be awake enough to be transferred to the recovery area and hopefully in 30-45 minutes be ready to be discharged.    But with longer surgical procedures, variations from patient to patient and anesthetic provider to provide, recovery will very greatly.
 Typically after my mommy make over procedures I tell patients to expect to be in recovery for about 1 hour.    

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You should wake up after final dressings are applied

Your plastic surgeon will coordinate with your anesthesiologist so that anesthesia is gradually lightened, allowing you to wake up fairly quickly after surgery is completed and your final dressings are placed. After waking up, you may feel groggy, sleepy or confused at first. For this reason, you should plan on staying in the recovery room for about an hour before you have someone drive you home. The exact time spent in immediate recovery will vary depending on the anesthesia technique that was used and your body’s response to that anesthesia. Some surgeons may have you stay overnight, although this is becoming a less common practice.

Waking up after a mommy makeover

Awakening from general anesthesia after a cosmetic tummy tuck and breast augmentation/lift procedure is usually very quick and smooth. Typically anesthesia providers are able to to lighten sedatives to allow for a very gradual and uneventful awakening and patients are typically awake prior to arriving in the recovery room. With the use of local anesthetic agents, pain control is typically excellent and the process is very comfortable for patients.

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Time to wake up after mommy makeover

Most people wake up quickly after mommy makeover or other operations of similar length.  There is a period between waking up and being completely alert and oriented to your surroundings.  Generally within about 30 minutes after leaving the operating room, I find that my patients will remember our conversations. 

Waking up from anesthesia

If you are in an accredited facility being cared for by qualified MD's and nurses, anesthesia is very safe and the recovery is relatively quick and predictable. Most patients are awake enough to converse and start drinking something within 2 hours after the procedure. There are of course individual differences based upon your anatomy and physiology.

Best of luck!

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Most Patients Wake from Anesthesia Easily

Anesthesia administered by a board certified anesthesiologist in a certified/regulated facility is safe and well tolerated by most patients. Modern anesthetic techniques using the latest medications allow patients to wake quickly and regain clear thinking in a short period of time. Most patients will stay in the recovery area for 30 – 60 minutes and then spend a few minutes longer in a step-down area until their thinking clears. For some patients these times will be a little longer while for others it will be shorter. Time is not the important factor but the health and stability of the patient is. You’ll be monitored throughout the recovery process just as you were during surgery to ensure that everything is progressing well. When the anesthesiologist determines that it is safe, you can be discharged from the recovery area.

Be aware that anytime that you have general anesthesia, you may not drive and should not make important decisions within 24 hours of the anesthesia. It is also important, if the procedure is performed as an outpatient, that an adult spend the night with you so that if there are any issues, someone is available to make a phone call for help. Although this circumstance is exceedingly rare, it is a matter of prudent precaution and safety.

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Anesthesia Used During a Mommy Makeover- An MD Anesthesiologist can be by your bedside at all times thoughout surgery

You should wake up almost immediately following surgery whether general anesthesia or MACS anesthesia has been administered. Intra -operative pain control, with the use of Exparel and / or pain pumps greatly reduces post -operative pain.

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One hour anesthesia recovery

Most patients are ready for discharge from the Post Anesthesia Care Unit at one hour after a mommy makeover.

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