How Long is Loss of Sensation Normal After a Tummy Tuck?

about 3 1/2 years ago i had a tummy tuck i have no feeling in my abs at all. And for some odd reason i still look as if i did before i had the surgery. i am tired of telling people i guess iam still swollen. what should i do.

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Numbness of tummy tuck skin


After 3 years, I doubt that you will have any further improvments in return of sensation to the area.

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Duration of Loss of Sensation after a Tummy Tuck


Speak to all of your friends of had C Sections about loss of sensation. Every one of them would tell you she is STILL numb just above the scar in the mid line. With a Tummy Tuck scar being longer and the operation being much more extensive, the price of a flat tummy with a tummy tuck is ALSO permanent numbness in the midline just above the scar.

As regards the statement on not being able to see a difference, I would go back and re-acquaint yourself with your Before and After photos. Human nature is to forget what we looked like. Odds are that you did as well. If your AFTER was so disappointing WHY would you have waited 31/2 years to voice your disappointment?

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Sensation will return after tummy tuck in six to nine months


After a full tummy tuck it is typical for the skin in the lower abdomen to have a numb sensation as some of the nerves to the skin are injured and stretched as the abdominal skin excess if corrected. During healing, the nerves and sensation will recover, usually by six to nine months. Patients who are aware ahead of time are prepared for the numbness and have few problems with the temporary change in sensation.

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Still unhappy after tummy tuck


If you are still unhappy, why not go back to your doctor and tell him.  Ask him if there is a reason why you feel this way.  Very often patients don't realize or forget the way they looked pre-op.  Take a look at your photos to see if there really is no difference.  You may have a thick abdominal wall that just requires some liposuction, but I will say all the swelling is gone by now. If there really is no difference - which I sincerely doubt- ask him why you did not get the result you anticipated and what can be done to improve it.  Good luck in your quest.

Steven Schuster, MD
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