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Where Can I Legally Buy Juvederm to Inject my Own Skin?

I would like to purchase juvederm and botox for myself. I am not a physician however I heard that if I order it from a different country,such as New Zealand,it is legal.Is this true?

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Buying your own Botox and Juvederm


You can't legally buy these products in the US because you don't have a license to practice medicine, and any product you import from another country can't legally be injected since it hasn't been approved by the FDA. 

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Where Can I Legally Buy Juvederm to Inject my Own Skin?


Regarding: "Where Can I Legally Buy Juvederm to Inject my Own Skin?
I would like to purchase Juvederm and Botox for myself. I am not a physician however I heard that if I order it from a different country,such as New Zealand,it is legal.Is this true

By law, Botox, Juvederm and other medications are NOT sold to anyone who does not have a license to practice Medicine. If you do buy such items whoever is selling it to you is breaking the law by selling it to a non-physician or by selling you a fake medication. The purchase of Botox and other medications from "over seas" pharmacies is also illegal and any physician injecting a patient with such materials risks Federal penalties and potential loss of his medical license. Finally, injecting yourself with Botox is as intelligent as performing your own appendectomy.

Dr. Peter Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm is a medical device

Even MDs that can order this product, it is not wise to treat yourself.  As you are not an MD, it cannot be condoned to purchase this product for yourself, by yourself.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Should you inject fillers and Botox in your own face?

I am concerned for you.  Even if you could obtain the medications and equipment needed, and I have never heard of someone being able to do that, if you weren't using strictly clean or sterile technique you could get an infection that hides out in the deep tissues of the face and is very hard to eradicate with antibiotics.  You could hit an artery or nerve trunk and get in real trouble with necrosis (death) of skin or nerves, paralyzing a portion of your face, or even causing permanent blindness or stroke.

On a simpler level, no matter how intelligent or careful you are, there is really no possibility of you being happy with the results.  For example, I was in school, doing medical research, or in a training program for 27 years before I saw my first dermatology patients withiut supervision.  I then studied and was trained in aesthetic procedures for another 5 years, and only then began treating patients with cosmetic procedures.  Actually, the learning never stops.

i was trying to see if this question was submitted on April 1st, because I think you are just pulling our legs to make us a little crazy, right? Did you used to do this to your poor mother, too?
New York Dermatologist
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Better not to inject Juvederm yourself

I would not advise purchasing your own product and injecting it yourself. I would only recommend that product be injected by a trained professional, such as a physician or nurse, as it requires specialized techniques with knowledge of where to inject and how much product to use. It is an art, and not simply injecting. In addition, I would only advise that a physician or nurse use product that has been approved in your own country. 

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Don't Buy Your Own Injectables

The companies that manufacture these products will not sell them to you without a medical license. Although you may see them advertised on the Internet, it's likely that the products you purchase from outside vendors may be diluted, contaminated, or counterfeit. There are no reputable third-party vendors that sell genuine BOTOX® or JUVÉDERM® to consumers. Due to the complex structure of the face, self-injecting can have serious consequences. Please visit a reputable doctor if you'd like to undergo any type of injectable treatment. Your safety and your beauty are not worth the risk.
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Don't do it

Besides being illegal you are not trained in to inject botox and filler.  The odds of something going wrong are quite high.  Spend the extra money for a doctor and be safe.
Atlantic City Plastic Surgeon
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You cannot legally by Juvederm without a physician's license

It is illegal to buy a controlled substance without a physician's license.  Injecting yourself is also not a good idea. It is also illegal to  import Juvederm from another country. 

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It’s illegal to inject your own fillers!

Even if you could legally buy any dermal fillers to inject on your own, it’s an absolute guarantee that you would not be happy with the results. Injectables may seem simple enough, but getting great results is far more complex than just sticking a needle in and pushing down. It takes many years of training in facial structure and anatomy to learn exactly the best way to layer dermal fillers for optimum results. Think about this extremely carefully: you only have one face. Is it really worth saving a few bucks to risk your appearance?
Tampa General Surgeon
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Playing Doctor With Injectables is Downright Dangerous


A Doctor Who Operates On Himself Has A Fool For His Surgeon is the corollary to: A Lawyer Who Represents Himself in Court has a Fool for His Attorney. Both o these maxims involve highly trained persons. Just imagine how bad it would be if they were not.well trained.


Not to mention practicing medicine without a license which is illegal in all States in the US. It is downright dangerous and you are highly likely to have complications too numerous to list.  It just isn't worth it.

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