When I Lay Down my Chest is Flat and Implants Fall to the Outsides - is That Normal?

Its been over a year since my BA. I still would like them larger but that's another matter. When I lay down on my back, my implants fall to the sides of my chest and upward to my armpits. Can I have unintentionally widen out the pockets? Is this fixable? Should I even be concern about this because it's the norm? Can the pockets be made smaller so they don't go where they shouldn't?

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Implants falling to the side

When a patient without implants lies down, her breasts will shift sideways. The question is whether your implant pockets are too large and, if so,should you undergo capsulorraphy. A consultation would be necessary to evaluate whether your condition warrants further surgery. It is unlikely that you did anything to contribute to widening of the pockets.

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Implants Falling into the armpit

Yes, this happens to many patients.... yes, it is fixable.  The procedure is called capsulorrhaphy (internal bra) when a surgeon would go in and place permanent sutures to improve the implant placement on the patient's chest wall.  Not all surgeon's do this procedure so please check the experience of the surgeon you go to.  You may be able to increase the implant size at the same time (1 surgical procedure) but without examination, it's difficult to say.  Recovery is key for this procedure as you will need to limit arm movement and lifting for a longer period of time so that the surgical repair heals.

Breast Implant Revision

This is a good question. The implants go laterally when you lay down because the pocket has become too large over time. The implants tend to want to go out to the side when patients lay down because the chest is round and they are sliding off the chest.

The good news is that this is easily corrected. As you mention in your question the pocket can be closed with sutures on the inside so that the implant is in the proper position. I also usually encourage patients if they have saline implants to switch to silicone implants, as the softer implants tend to go out laterally less than the firm saline implants do over time.

Discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon as you have options to improve the appearance of your breasts.

Implants falling laterally

This can occur from the pocket becoming larger to accommodate the weight of the implant, your muscle stretching, it can also occur if your pocket was dissected to much laterally. There are things you can do to fix that problem. You can tighten the pocket laterally so that the implant does not fall out to your sides. I would replace your implant with a form stable textured implant (gummy bear implant) to decrease the chance of this occurring again.  

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Implants drifting into armpit when laying down usually indicates the pocket is overdissected on the side (laterally)

Hello, What you are describing is often the result of a breast implant pocket that has been over dissected laterally (on the side). How much dissection is overdissection can vary but implants sliding into the armpit when laying down is a fairly good indication. This is rarely the result of something the patient has done. The most common source is over dissection of the pocket during surgery. The pocket can be repaired by suturing it to the appropriate amount. All the best, Dr Repta

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Lateral location of the implants

It is normal for breasts/implants to move to sides when we lay flat.  However, it is not normal to have implants fall off the chest and into the arm pits.  This is due to implants stretching on the implant pocket because of the weight of implants and stretching of the muscle.  This can be fixed with placing sutures laterally to decrease the pocket.  Please talk with your plastic surgeron for limitations of surgery and possible recurrence of the problem. 

This isn't unusual.

What you're experiencing is that the pockets that your implants sit in have stretched a bit to the side allowing your implants to shift over when gravity allows it.  This can be corrected if it really bothers you by closing the lateral pocket (the part that is most to the side.)

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Breast "flow"

A little movement of the breasts to the sides when you are laying down is normal and natural, but if your implants are sliding that far, it is too much.  One reason may be that the pocket is too large and needs to be reduced.  This is done by placing rows of sutures along the edges to make it smaller.  This is not as easy as it sounds especially if there is a lot of space that needs to be closed up.  Sometimes the sutures don't hold.  More recently the use of acellular dermal grafts have been used to stabilize and strengthen the suture line.  These are made of skin taken from humans or pigs.  All the cells are removed leaving a scaffolding of connective tissue that provides a matrix for your own tissue to grow into.  They are costly, but effective in more difficult cases where the sutures alone have not held.  Be sure to seek a surgeon who can show you photos.  It is also possible that your breasts are too lax and need to be tightened with a lift and/or larger implants.  A good exam is necessary to better help you.  Good luck.

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When I Lay Down my Chest is Flat and Implants Fall to the Outsides - is That Normal?

Yes you can improve the position by further surgery. It is called an open capsulorraphy. Best to discuss in detail with your surgeon. 

Is it normal for the implants to go to the sides when laying down? Is this fixable?

Because of the curved shape of the chest wall, when you are in a supine ( laying down) position the gravity pull the implants or natural breasts down to each side. Evidently the larger the breasts or the implants there is more gravitational pull. The same way, when you are in standing position the breasts or the implants are pulled down. With  implants the capsules( pocket-scar around the implants) can gradually stretch and become larger on the side. You can aggravate this unintentionally by sleeping on you chest (prone position), since this will push and move the implants to the side with the weight of your chest. If the implant goes too much to the side some improvement could be obtained by closing the pockets on the lateral side, but the pocket should not be made too small since it will interfere with the softness of the breast. This explanation should not be considered as medical advice and is only for information purpose.

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