2 Weeks After Breast Aug, One Breast Is Healing Much Slower than the Other, Should I be Worried?

Im 17 days post op. Bruising only developed at 10 days post op on my right breast. Had quite a bit of bleeding on incision site (gone through 9 adhesive pads in 2 days). Both PS and nurse said bruising n bleeding are ok. But my right breast is healing much slower. It barely dropped while my left breast appears "healed". Could it be CC or just healing slow due to swelling n bruising? How can I tell? I didn't really message them, is it too late to do it now? I'm so worried and scared, Pls help

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Breasts often heal at different rates

Everything is probably fine.

For the vast majority of patients, one breast heals slower than the other side. Typically but not always it is either on the dominant hand side especially if the implant is below the muscle, or if you are a side sleeper, the side that is dependent. Often there is no rhyme or reason. 

See your Plastic Surgeon re: his/her massage timing. For my patients I recommend starting whenever it is comfortable for them - typically  2-3 weeks after surgery. 


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Differential healing

It's not unusual for one side to heal faster than the other and, if you swelled and bruised more on one side, then it will take longer for it to resolve. Continue to followup with your plastic surgeon and try not to be scared at this point.

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