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Should I Let my Son Play Basketball with a Broken Nose?

My son broke is nose today and x-rays show the interior bone is deviated. He has a basketball game tomorrow and wants to play. Should I let him play?

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Broken nose and playing sports

Before answering this question there are 2 very important issues that must be addressed.  Has the nose been set after the fracture and has his nasal breathing been compromised by the fracture?  If the fracture had been repaired, then he should wait 6 weeks before competing.  If he has problems breathing through his nose then he should have the fracture repaired so that he is more able to compete after 6 weeks.  If the nose is functioning well and is cosmetically unchanged then there is no need to repair it and he should be able to play with the understanding that the nose will be tender and he could get a nose bleed if he over exerts  himself.  This all being said I played football in high school 24 hours after a nasal fracture and reduction(my dad was the surgeon so we fudged the guidlines).

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