Who Should I See for Eyebrow Hair Loss?

I've been losing a lot of my eyebrow hair lately and I have no clue why. I also have this crust that forms under my eyebrows and I dont know if that's normal. What kind of doctor should I see?

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Dermatologist for Eyebrow Hair Loss

The symptoms you’re describing should be assessed by a dermatologist. Once the cause of your eyebrow loss is determined, proper treatment can commence. If the eyebrow loss is permanent, you may require eyebrow transplant to grow hair there again.

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Loss of eyebrow hair

It has been quite some time since you asked this question. I hope that you have received some insight long ago as to what to do. If not, please start with your local dermatologist, perferably one with a clinical interest in alopecia.  Once medical causes of hair loss have been examined and/or treated, an in-person consultation with a hair transplant surgeon is in order.  We have had great results doing hair transplants to the eyebrow.  The donor site scar is nearly imperceptible.  The transplanted hairs grow beautifully and naturally.  Good luck in your search.  Dr. P

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