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Treatment Options for Drooping Mouth Corners on Younger People?

I am in my later 20s and I notice considerable drooping of the corners of my lips, comparing to photos taken in my mid 20s. They give me that frowning look. The corners of my lips are also drooping asymmetrically. I have heard of lip lift for mouth corners, dental facelift, and fillers. I worry that fuller lips from injecting filler will not harmonize with my Asian facial features. What are the best early interventions and procedures to correct the drooping and asymmetry?

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Treatment options for drooping mouth corners on younger people?



There are at least 20 pairs of facial muscles devoted to expression. The balance between muscles that lift VS muscles that pull down determines the expression and its extent. As was previously stated, the corners of the mouth are acted upon by several muscles, including muscles that pull it down, the most powerful of which are the Depressor Anguli Oris muscles. When the corners of the mouth are pulled down, these muscles exert more of a pulling down effort than the lifting muscles.

As a result, gently weakening these muscles allows the lifting muscles to pull up the corners of the mouth resulting in a smiling rather than a frowning face. This can be done with a few units of Botox put into the muscles. It can be supplemented with either Juvederm/Restylane or Perlane filler in the actual fold to flatten any creasing.

I hope this was helpful.

Peter A Aldea, MD, FACS

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Corner of the Mouth Lift Options


The easiest way to improve drooping corners of the mouth is with hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.  Placed in the corners of the mouth it effectively gives a "lift".  Additionally, low doses of Botox to the muscle that pull the corner of the mouth down can also be helpful.   In older patients, a corner of the mouth lift with incisions is very effective, but does leave a relatively inconspicuous scar.

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Drooping corners of mouth



I agree with many of the options described below. One other alternative for a longer lasting result may be a corner lift which is also known as an external angular oral commisuroplasty

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Longest and best results use a combination of botox and filler


Your picture is very helpful.

Unfortunately, you have a combination of excessive tone of your depressor anguli oris (the muscle that pulls DOWN the corner of the mouth) and loss of bulk in the edge of the lower lip.

The Botox is used to decrease the tone of the muscle and the filler (usually Juvederm) fills the loss of bulk.

It works well, but unfortunately is not a permanent fix.

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Drooping corners of the mouth


Botox is the answer.

The corners are bent downwards for 2 reasons.

1. The muscle DAO (Depresssor Anguli Oris) is pulling the upper lip downwards.

2. The cheek soft tissues have become loose over time and are now sagging at the corners of the mouth.


1. Botox into the DAO, leading to the corners being pulled upwards giving a more horizontal look to the lips instead of an upside down curve you have at this time.

2. Filler in the cheek bone area to lift the sagging tissues away from the corner of your mouth. My favorite would be either Radiesse or Sculptra.


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Lip lift with Ultherapy in Los Angeles


We have found that the Ulthera and simultaneous Radiesse filler works well to lift the corners of the lips.

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

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Best correction for drooping corners of mouth in young patients


If you are in your 20's, and have some down-turning of the lips at the corners, the easiest way to correct this is by injecting fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm. It is not a permanent fix, but the results are instant and do not require any incisions or down-time. I understand your wanting to maintain facial harmony consistent with your Asian background, and this is entirely possible with fillers.

You do not have to have the filler injected into the lips themselves in order to lift the corners of the mouth. In fact, the injection is done outside of the lips in order to raise the corners. Since the fillers are not permanent and you are not sure you will like the results, you can always try out a short-acting filler to see if you like the results, and then switch to a longer acting filler. I would recommend visiting someone with experience injecting fillers in this region, such as a board certified plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, or dermatologist. Good luck!

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Cosmetic fillers for drooping mouth corners


The best treatment for the problem shown in the photograph is cosmetic filler injection around the corners of the mouth to give a lateral corner lip lift. A facelift will not lift those up.

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Droopy corner of mouth on Asian skin


Hi Tracy,

Both botox and fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm work well for this area and looks very nice and natural for all skin types, including Asian skin. I like to start with fillers and add botox if needed. 

Oakland Dermatologist

Combination therapy with botox and juvederm


A very small amount of botox placed in the DAO muscle combined with Juvederm, a hyaluronic acid filler would correct this area vey nicely.  As it would not take much juvederm to correct this, you might also enhance your lips slightly, which would also improve tha appearnce of the downturn at the corners>

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