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What Sub-nasal Lip Lift Gives the Best Results?

Which lip lift gives best results, the one where they cut under the nose and take out some skin, or the one where they use nylon threads with the incisions being in the nose and mouth? Can either of these techniques also lift the corners of the mouth? Thank you.

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Lip lift results

Generally the bullhorn lift will give the best results but also has the greater risk of scarring. The thread lip lifts tend to be short lived. Neither of these will lift the corners of the mouth and this is best achieved with a corner lift.

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Lip Lift Procedures

My procedure of choice is the upper lip lift, which utilizes the incision made right under the nose which then heals as a virtually undetectable scar. To be quite frank, I have never heard of the application of these threads, but if their experience is anything like that from prior uses of the threads, then likely it is not a great way to go.

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