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Congested Nose After Sinus Surgery?

I had a sinus surgery 3 weeks ago. It included: frontal sinus, antrum, intranasal op, Turbinates, submucus resection. Almost 3 weeks after the surgery I don't have the sneezing attacks anymore, but my nose is still very congested. My ENT says it is congested because there is still some dry blood and could take a month to clear. Has anybody had congested nose after surgery? According to the report the surgery only lasted 10 min. Can all these be done in such a short time? Any opinions on this?

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Concerned about adequacy of procedure

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Nasal congestion is one of the first symptoms to improve.  There may be swelling, infection, septal hematoma, or excessive crusting but at three weeks the acute postop edema in the sinuses is resolving rapidly and crusting decreasing as the sinus linings are recovering function. I'm pretty efficient with sinus surgery and your procedures would take me at least 45 min if only one side of sinuses or 1:15-1:30 if submucous resection, turbinates, and bilateral sinuses.  If not better after 3months then ask to get another CT to compare to preop and see if what was done was actually done

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Nasal congestion after sinus surgery

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It is normal to have nasal congestion and blockage this soon after sinus surgery. Like your surgery said, there can be dry blood and mucous. Also, the nasal skin lining will become swollen after surgery and it takes time to calm down.

Your surgeon may have mentioned that nasal rinses or lavage may be helpful in helping to clear out your nose.

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