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Recently Had Sinus Surgery and Now Experiencing Tooth Pain?

I've recently had surgery on my sinuses and am now experiencing discomfort in my front teeth. I'm assuming it was caused by the breathing tube. How long will this discomfort last? Its not painful for me to take any otc pain mess but very annoying.

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Dental pain after sinus surgery

I agree with the prior answer, that the nasopalatine nerves to the upper incisors which drop from the nasal cavity through a the nasopalatine foramen which is just behind the front teeth could be stretched or swollen.  Permanent sensation rare.  However if the pain is in the upper canines or bicuspids then there might be residual blood or infection in the maxillary sinuses.  Inflammation in these sinuses can refer to these teeth.

Fort Collins Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A Septoplasty May Cause Frontal Upper Tooth Pain

The same nerve (nasopalatine nerve) that controls feeling in your upper frontal four teeth (central and lateral incisors), passes through the nasal septum (the cartilage and bone dividing the middle of the nose). Since this nerve is frequently damaged or swells during septoplasty surgery, the end branches that pass into the frontal teeth may feel pain, numbness, or tingling for two to three weeks. As the septum heals, the sensation should decrease. It is also common for the roof of the mouth in back of the upper frontal teeth to feel a burning or numb sensation.

Garrett H. Bennett, MD
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