Is it common practice to charge for correcting asymmetry in Lip Augmentation with fillers. (photo)

I've had my lips augmented with filler for many years. A week ago I went to a doctor closer to home for the first time. I'm very unhappy with the result and when I called in they told me it would cost more to have my lips corrected. I would understand this if it was me being unhappy with volume. The doctor used one full juvederm syringe. However there is filler on my left-side of my upper lip that is absent completely on the other side. Is it common practice to charge for corrections?

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Depends on injector

This really depends on the injector's payment policy. Everywhere is different. I'm sorry to hear that you had a negative experience but unfortunately, it appears that you will have to pay for revision here.

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Filler issue for lips

Charging for issues related to your lips depends upon what is going to be done to balance them out.  If you want more filler in the depressed area, I would think that you will need to pay for it.  As for dissolving the product, that is up to the discretion of your doctor.  Good luck.

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