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Chin Reduction of Soft Tissue Chin Pad with No Bone Removal?

Hi...was wondering if I could get a chin reduction of the soft tissue chin pad only with no bone bone is fine. I just have a lot of chin pad..looks like a ball on the end of my chin...I hate my profile and I will never take pics because of this...but I don't want to change my does this surgery work in order to receive good results? And what about Lipo or botox? Also can anyone recommend a Dr. With this experience? I live in east Tennessee. Thanks so much!

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Soft tissue reduction in the chin


Excess soft tissue in the chin can be managed by removal through a submental incision.  There will be a fine, well-hidden surgical scar and the reduction and recontouring of the soft tissue is very effective if there is no bony abnormality.

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Soft Tissue Chin Reduction/Witch's Chin Correction


Soft tissue chin reduction is done through a submental approach from the underside of the chin. A wedge of soft tissue is removed down to the bone and then tucked from underneath. While it does produce a fine line scar on the underside of the chin, the key is to not let the excision/scar become too fat to the side. It is a very effective procedure for soft tissue reduction/witch's chin correction that does not affect the smile or the lower lip position.

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