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How to Bring the Natural Boobs Closer Together? (photo)

My boobs are not sagging. They are decent size.The only issue i have is that they are far apart. I am wondering if there's any natural or medicinal way to bring them closer together as you can see the difference in pic 1 and 2. When I hold them together, they look much better. I dont get anything inserted since they are the perfect size and dont wana make them any bigger.

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Bringing breasts closer together.


There is no natural way or medicinal way to bring your breasts closer together.  Your best choice would be to wear a bra which achieves the results you wish and not increase your breast size.   

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The correct bra


Wearing the correct bra will accomplish almost exactly what you are doing with your hands in the second photo.  There are no other choices other than to provide volume which you may not like since you are happy with the size.

Thank you for your question.

Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Change breast position


To make your breasts rounder and broader and closer without a bra you will need surgery - an implant.

You can either have a small, wide implant (low profile) and accept enlargement of less than a cup size or you can maintain your present size by having breast tissue removed (reduction) that corresponds to approximately the size of the implant (little or no net gain in size) but your breasts will be rounder and more projecting.

Vacuum expanders and fat injections remain experimental and unreliable.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Breast position


Your anatomy determines how your breast will sit.  You cannot force them  more to the center, when you lie down they will fall to the sides.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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The correct size will need the correct bra


Hope your photo is standing, as all natural breasts will fall to the side when on your back. Of course the natural way then to bring them together is to crouch on all fours. In the old days the goal of a bra was lift and separate. Today bras are about  push up and cleavage and if you are the best of sizes, then the best of bras is your answer.

Best of luck, Peter Johnson, MD

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Bringing Breasts Closer Together?


Thank you for the question and picture.

No, there is no “natural or medicinal way” to change your breast anatomy. Given that you are not interested in breast enlargement, you may have to achieve the look you are looking for with bras and clothing.

Best wishes.

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Victoria's secret

The width between your breasts and how they sit on your chest wall is determined by your underlying anatomy (how your ribs and muscles are formed). A push up bra will create the same effect your hands are having. If you want your breasts to be fuller in the cleavage area you could have fat grafting to that area, which would change the size only slightly.
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How can I naturally bring my breasts closer together?

Without adding any volume, your best bet is to find a bra or clothing that does exactly what you are demonstrating with your hands in the photo.   Other options to increase fullness in the middle and upper parts of the breast include breast implants or transplanting fat into that area (from another part of your body).  However, these procedures will increase the size of your breasts. 

Thanks for the question - it is one that I have heard often!

Dr. Michelle Spring

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There's No Natural Way To Bring Breasts Closer Together


         There’s no natural way to move the breast closer together. This phenomenon is usually related to the shape of the underlying boney chest wall. Correction would be difficult and associated with a high failure rate because the chest wall would remain unchanged. In most cases, the use of a good support bra would be the best solution.

Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Surgery isn’t the answer.

Breast enhancement surgery really wouldn’t change your breast placement, especially not without implants. Even if you were to get implants, they would not be likely to give you the profile that you’re showing in the right-hand picture. For implants to look as natural and flattering as possible, they need to be centered relative to the nipple. Implants with subglandular placement might give you more pronounced cleavage, but that doesn’t mean the breasts will sit closer after surgery. If you aren’t interested in implants at all, then a good bra is really your best option for achieving the shape and profile you hope for.
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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